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Was trying to post blogs with some image and i think i finally got it. Aint easy for an old fart like moi. Anyay, some pic from SONGKRAN festival this year APRIL 2005

This is a pic of me and me wife during my last posting in Emperor's Court Restaurant. This is taken near the restaurant entrance with the FRUIT CARVING as a back ground Do have other pic as well which i think i will post some here.

This is our local THAI CHEF - kinda leng chai isnt he ? He's in charge of the overall THAI kitchen in HIGHLANDS HOTEL. Sorry - MARRIED liao but he dont mind a fling or 2.

A great work of art (FRUIT CARVING) from our imported THAI chef from Bangkok - he's called KOP.

Lets see how this blog turns out and i will post my lang tengah picture later.

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