Service. Can anyone try to define this word that is use for often and wrongly interpret. I define it as " An activity rendered by one party tp another " Different definition as follows :

Yesterday, we had our practical class serving SET MENU using 3 different service tehcnique - French, Gueridon and American. American is easy, just the plate carrying technique and placing of it. Being in this line for the last 15 years with yrs as a lecturer, i have a hard time trying to teach me classmate in all these services. Damn, they are like " Its too heavy" I dunno how to do it. All i did was to guide them after me lecturer had briefed them leaving them blurrer than usual. LOLZ. This lecturer SUCKS big time. He know his stuffs but he no nuts abt teaching ang guiding. Bringing in his FRENCH accent which i think he is not fluent but act as though he is.

First course came out the POTAGE de TOMATE - Cream of Tomato Soup, dishing out to a soup plate from the guests left hand side. Easly done and yet they managed to screw up. Nearly spilled on one the student that came as a guest. Phew! Being chosen MGR of the DAY - i nearly had a heart attack. No sweat ( er... literary . I was sweating like a pig. LOLZ ). Clearing was kewl. Setting of dinner plate for guests ok too. Now comes the CART with the whole chicken and accompaniment. Showed them how and 2 managed to do well but the other 3 , WTF ? They cant even hold a knife properly despite showing them and guiding them after 14 weeks. DIU.

the link shows way to carve a chicken. Not easy but can be done if u know the chicken well. NOT THE 45kg chicken KY. Just a normal chicken as in the animal. Always FOOD and SEx for our friend there. Guide 3 person with my lecturer guiding the other 2. Dont know the joint of drumstick and thigh. Even when i explain in Mandarin which is half past 6.

Then the dessert and we served PEACH and ALMOND Pudding. The kitchen screwed up as they place the dessert in the hot kitchen. The vanilla sauce with the chocolate sauce as well as cream all melted into a mess or into globs. YUCKS.

Till laters

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