Damn, semester break and i am working my ass off. Its S'porean school hols and they are everywhere. where does all these peeps get their $$ to gamble.

Heard that KL is kinda hazy and i havent been to Kl like in 3 weeks. Coup up here studying and working. What a life. yeah yeah yeah, someone did tell me, Go get a life Mike. Whats the bitching for anyway. Dont i have the right to do what i want. So what if i like spending my time up in the hill to study and work. Its my LIFE. for crying out loud.

Preparing for my coming hols in Lang Tengah. Do believe i deserved a break, nope, not me but my wife. She deserves this holiday and by hook or crook , gonna bring her there. I hardly got time for her. We work different shifts and with my studies, i only gotta see her like an hour or so a day. Worst part is there's 24 hrs in a day. I spent like 5 - 6 hrs sleeping, the rest in working and in my studies. Poor girl. I'll make it up to her somehow.

we've been trying for our first baby for the last 2 mths. Guess i might have to go for my sperm count if nothing comes out soon. hm...... we'll see how. maybe our timing was not right. dont think i wnna talk abt it for the time being.

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