Homemade Popiah - Spring Roll Fillings

Oops! I forgetten to post the fillings for the marvellous popiah skin. Havent cook them in ages and havent eaten them as well

Here goes :

20 pieces spring roll wrappers (popiah skin)
30-50 g cornstarch (to make glue)
70-100 g carrots, julienne
70-100 g cucumbers, peeled,cores removed and cut into strip of 3 cm long for topping
300 g chinese lettuce
350 g turnips, julienne (sengkuang in malay)
100 g French beans, sliced finely
50 g shallots, sliced finely and fried till crispy
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
50 g small shrimp, shelled and boiled and chopped (or with other white meat) (optional)
3 chicken eggs, whipped it up - it will be more fluffy
1 teaspoon salt, fry thin omlettes and cut into strips for topping. Tips - to cut into strips, roll the egg and slice it thinly
100 g sweet chilli sauce (to taste)
50 g red chilies, washed and pounded (blend) (optional)
100 g crushed peanuts (fried or toasted or baked or whatever to make it better)

1 To make filling: Heat oil and fry garlic till fragrant.
2 Add in french bean,carrot and turnip.
3 braised with stock till soft.
4 Add seasoning (soya sauce, prefered) and reduced till gravy is almost dry.
5 Remove cooked vegetables and strain to separate gravy stock.

1 Sweet Sauce
2 Fresh red chili paste (grind fresh red chili in blender)
3 Fry chopped garlic till golden brown
4 Crushed Peanuts (pounded?)
5 To roll popiah: Spread sweet sauce onto skin, followed by chilli (optional)
a. Place 1 pc of chinese lettuce onto the skin
b. Place 2 tablespoon of the braised vegetable onto the lettuce.
c. Continue to sprinkle other condiments/ ingredients
d. Add some fried garlic with oil unto ingredient.( optional )
e. Fold bottom and side corners before rolling.
f. Secure with vegetable glue before final roll.
g. Serve with garnish of chopped spring onions, coriander,fried shallot and sauce (as dip).

h. Optional dips - satay sauce, nuoc cham ( vietnamese fish sauce mixture )

Enjoy !


KY said...

stop talking about it, and come cook some for us laa

fooDcrazEE said...

Lolz. Havent done that in ages. Why dont u and ur house mate try this recipe.

KY said...

poh piah too much trouble, so i went to ss2 instead. :P

KY said...
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fooDcrazEE said...

Now SS2 close down. Ask Galvin to buy from pasar malam near his place on THursday. Lovely too.