Stir Fried Broad Rice Noodle

Been thinking of what to blog and since me wife wanted to eat this dish - Ribbon Rice Noodle topped with Black Bean and Bell Pepper Sauce....Xi Chiu Chau Hor. You can also refer to here for another version of this dish.

Ingredient is very easy. Dont need a recipe actually. all instinct and really up to your personal taste.

Broad Rice noodle ( Kuay Teow/Hor Fun )
Chicken Stock
Starch - to thicken the gravy
Seafood - up to your own taste - I uses scallops - yummy
Meat - pork or chicken
Black Bean - Fresh - soaked to remove excess salt

Heat up wok...ensure it is really hot before adding oil into the wok. Add a huge ladle of oil. Swirl around and remove excess oil. Dump in noodle, stir fried and season with light soy sauce. Remove and place in a plate or bowl.

Add oil into wok, stir fried the garlic, capsicum and black bean till fragrant. Add in meat. Fried for under one minute and add in the seafood. Again under a minute and dump in stock. Bring to a boil and then lower heat. Season. Add starch to desired thickness. Remove wok and and add the whole egg into the gravy. Give it a lil swirl to half cook some of the eggs.

Ladle unto the noodle. Served hot ........

You can also add some ginger and spring onion for extra flavour.

Enjoy !

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