Home Cooked Meal Day 3 - Dinner - Soup

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So, back to one of the home cooked meal......5 dishes including this soup.. I have blogged about them earlier but this time i got picture to go along but not all as my hand is kinda oily..

Mum cooked one of my favourite soup and I do believed almost every chinese in Malaysia and Singapore will love it...

Still dont know what i am talking about ? Well, it's Pork Tripe Soup.

Basically in Hokkien its Call Thu Thor Th'ng. Some will say its " Thi Thor Th'ng" . Cantonese called them " Chu Thoou Thhoong". Mandarin er.......... " Jiao Xe Moh Neh " ( literary meaning what is it called ) *chuckle* Its call Chu Du Thang right ?

Anyway, start off with fresh tripe. Turn inside out and it looks gross like this..pic.

See the white thingy ...dats salt and corn starch.

After rubbing them thoroughly with salt and corn starch, its time to blanch them in boiling water and then rinse under running tap water and repeat once more. The thicker part near the deodunum - see picture with yellow arrow pointing , scrap then off with a knife.

Just in luck, my brother came back from Sarawak with his girlfriend for holiday and they bought back fresh White pepper corn. Stuffed them in the tripe to your taste. We like them real spicy and apa lagi....whack as much as possible... into the 2 tripes. One tripe is not enough to eat.

Set them aside.

The intestine was washed up the same way as the tripe and the only difference now is try to stuffed them i mean....using chopstick, insert on end back into the intestine to create a double or triple thickness of the intestine......What am i saying...try to figure out..kinda run out of word today and too lazy to think too much...sorry.

Next step....use charcoal to boil this soup.

I love the traditional way of boiling soup as they make your soup tastier. It may be due to the intense heat from the charcoal that breaks all the bone marrow into your soup. As usual, use bones, we use cleaned and trimmed chicken carcass and topped woth cold water. This will ensure all protein from the carcass will be dissolved in the soup. Some protein are only soluble in cold water, some in hot.

Once the stock is ready..dump in the intestine and tripe. Mum added in ginkgo nut .Pak Khor in Cantonese.

What else did my mum put in ? Cant remember but that should be fine. Once cooked after an hour or so, season with salt and remove the tripe and intestine. Tripe and intestine should be place in the stock whole. Cool them down slightly and cut them up to serve.

cut open one side and remove peppercorn. slice them up to bite size.

Soup ready to serve and dont forget to serve them with cut chilli padi with soy sauce as a dip for the tripe and intestine. I even whack the chicken carcass into the dip.


Blog about other dish soon.


rokh said...

i loveee this soup, though i don't eat the parts. only get to drink this every chinese new year. sigh

Sue said...

Oooh yummy!! Like Rokh, I only get to drink this during CNY too! Odd huh?! I never knew it was a CNY custom! But now with my grandma living in NZ, I've got no more "thu thor thng"! *Sob*

fooDcrazEE said...

didnt kow it was a CNY thingy as i regularly have this soup..at least 4 times a year...lucky me..i guess

Tazz said...

I only have this on CNY too. Only my mum knows how to prepare this. I only know how to eat. *lol*

Tazz said...

Aiyah! Why did I use so many only??!! *lol*