Stir fried Taiwanese Sausage with Pear

Found this recipe when i was browsing thru a cook book with fruits. They have feature quite a number of recipes ( 90 in total ) . Kinda interesting to see the innovation of chinese food with fruits. No pic yet as i planned to cook this later

Ingredients :

300 gm Sausage
1 Chinese Pear ( Snow Pear )
100 gm celery


1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon sugar
dash of sesame oil

Method :

1 Clean sausage and cut into 3 different shapes ( round, quartered and cube )
2 Peel pear. Remove er.....strings from celery..*chuckle* Dice both into 1cm cube.
3 Stirfry celery and sausage with a lil oil. Add seasoning. Mixed well stir in pear . Dish up and serve.

It is indeed easy. The combination of the sweetness and refreshing pear with spicy sausage flavoured with celery ....yummy. Each item will bring out the flavour of one another.....

Try them.....if u r cooking it do post a pic and we can all share them.....


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Sue said...

What an interesting dish! I find fruit and savoury meat in the same dish a rather unique combination! Maybe I should give it a try!

rokh said...

unique and bold combination. must try it out

glutton rabbit said...

Interesting recipe. I've never tried to cook fruit in a savoury dish before (except pineapples). Anyway, I'll ask my siblings if they're interested to try this dish and if want, I'll cook it.

eatzycath said...

I suppose those are fresh sausages, and not the dried Chinese sausages, right?