Just Heavenly - 2 Great Guys

I have been wondering about the 2 guys I met during my trip to Lang Tengah back in June. I even go all the way to Bangsar and I could not locate their shop. Not that good with Bangsar after all the changes there.

All of sudden, reading Boo_Licious blog and there it was Allan and Nigel's blog.

Do go over and sample their delicious pastry . Anyone planning to marry their love one ? Hop over, give them a call and they will plan for you .

Hahahaha! Nope ! I dont work for them and I dont get anything from them for this. Just satisfaction of helping friends even though i have only met them and spoke to them during our short stint in Lang Tengah.

If you wanna know about food, you can even ask them.

So Allan and Nigel.......all the very best in ur biz,health and whatever you wish for in the coming DOG year of 2006.

Speaking of DOG year, ouch ! i turned 36 next year.......feeling my age *creak* there goes my bones.


Hope they wont mind me linking their blog.

Just Heavenly

9,Jalan Tempinis Kanan,

Bangsar, 59100, Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03 2287 9866

Fax : 03 2287 9867

Email : allan@justheavenly.biz

Site : www.justheavenly.biz

For Allan's personal number - check with him.


Just Heavenly said...

Hey Michael

Thanks so much dude!

Much appreciated. Been SOOOO busy! No doubt partly due to your promo as well! ;-)

Things are well in JH. When you're next in KL, pls call.

Take care.


fooDcrazEE said...

U r most welcome BRO. Its true that ur pastry looks so delish and from what Boo_licious had posted, it is indeed delish! So, for us food bloggers, no point in keeping a great palce a secret, aint it ?