Fish Paste Noodle

I had this delish noodle in Bentong when I was back there for my pre CNY hols. This was way back on the 27th Jan 06. Fetched my FIL from KLIA and reached there at 3am . Woke up at 7am because he wants us to join him for breakfast. That's life aint it ?

To get to Bentong, use the East Bound Highway from Gombak till you reach the last toll. The first toll from Gombak will set you back by RM4.00 and the last toll before reaching the Bentong East exit will cost you RM2.50.

Enter the town, and follows the traffic. You will get to the bus station on your left. Before that you will be able to see the Vegamall or The Store on your right with 2 beautiful Angsana tree on your right on the so called Park by the local municipal.

Easier way is to look at the stupid map I drew.

Its only open till 12 noon. Not really sure of the operation hour but its jam packed daily.

You have some choices of noodles - round yellow noodle, flat yellow noodle ( fresh , no lye ), vermicelli and of course the broad rice noodle. Take it with dark soy sauce or dry as we called them in Malaysia or you can opt to have them with curry or soup.

The fish paste is homemade and the cook them ala minute. Here's picture of what we had.

a lil blur - not use to taking pic with my phone. This is the famous Bentong Taufu or Beancurd Puff or Tau Fu Pok with fresh fish paste filling. Delish

My flat yellow noodle with their famouw curry sauce on top. Love this noodle as they is no lye taste in it.

The fish paste soup and a bowl of yong tau fu in the middle. The whole meal for 4 of us is about RM13.00. Rm2.70 per bowl of fish paste noodle with Rm0.50 a piece of yong tau fu. Its cheap but the most important factor is the taste. DELISH !

Cheers !


boo_licious said...

Yums! Must visit Bentong as my friend is from there and has a durian orchard up in the hills.

fooDcrazEE said...

Yes u must. Ask your friend to bring you to Mei Heong for an out of the world Hokkien Mee. You will never regret it. Also a new place in Kg Baru Hawker Centre. havent tried them but my colleague who opens the Indian joint said they served authentic Indian Curry served in Indian claypot.

Bentong Durian is great if you like Durian. get the Kampong type or what they call Mao San species