Practical Dinner - Exam

My class had our exam on Monday evening and i did mine this morning. The latter for my later post. We did our R&D and despite the minimum cooking classes that we attended, i dare say, this bunch of young adults or kiddo as i called them did a not bad at all job.

Shin Rong from KL did this few dishes. I miss her vichysoisse soup pic. Is that correct spelling ? Who cares ! chuckle

Her salad presentation is ok but she needs to toss her salad with some dressing first. Her family came over to sample her cooking as it will be our final class before we proceed to Industrial Training and that means no cooking in college for the next 6 months. What am i to do ? Buy an oven maybe, so i can bake at home....hehehehehehe

Her main course of poulet roulade - rolled chicken breast with stuff. Their imagination is so bad that they keep on using the same vege for stuffing. French Bean and Carrot Julienne. Cant they use something else....It's so boring that I didnt even want to sample the vege, took them out and tasted the chicken instead. delish! Not a bad sauce but need thickening....the potatoes was marvellous - sliced thinly, drizzle with oil, sprinkled with a mixture of salt, pepper and tarragon. Arrange in a round mould and baked at 180C for about 10 - 15 minutes.

As i have said earlier, i didnt take her soup picture. Its Vichyssoise - a cold creamy soup of leek and potato. For her dessert , it was something like a moulded cream cheese with fruits. The best part about this dish was her father's comment in Hokkien - This is not western dish, its fruit dish. "Chit Geh Em See Si Chan, Chit Geh See Ker Chee Chan" - lolz. Her father is used to Western Cuisine from his trip entertaining guests in various restaurant and hotels. He doesnt have the look of those who loves Western , more like a typical Chinese guys who prefer Chinese cuisine. He was telling me how he enjoyed Wagyu Beef and Foie Gras................kns, i was damn impressed.

Next on line - Kenji San with his version of Carrot Soup. He forgotten about the pilot light and his soup was reduced. He didnt noticed them till i told him. He then adjusted with some extra vegetable stocks and seasoning. Looks good ? I dont know, dont have the chance to sample the soup. He cooked just enough for 5 pax. Talk about precision...diu!

Somehow he found his recipe in Japanese website and he couldnt explain to me what it was. All i know was he marinated the chicken with kikkoman, mirin and english mustard ( sub for wasabi ). It was delish with a hint of english mustard, butter and it goes well with the chicken. Nice job done, flavour wise but presentation...errrrr... is he trying to serve the dressing or the chicken as the main item ? Chuckle !

He love beef so much and after he had done his version of beef roll the other time, he wanted to do it all over again with different sauce. Spicy tomato based sauce. I didnt asked for ingredient. Looks appetizing.

I love his cake......chocolate sponge, with chocolate cream, white chocolate shaving and he even wanted to do chocolate sauce until the pastry chef told him there's too much chocolate. He insisted but the chef said NO...hehehehehe! he asked me why not ? Told him too much of something kills your taste bud and he them apologized to the Chef. Looks like the chef needs to learn how to speak tactfully.....

Joyce and a soup recipe she found on the net. The colour of it make it looks so unappetizing but the taste was so simple and delish...Er....cant remember what it was call.

Her next warm Hors d'ouvre - Sweet Corn Pancake - Sweet and served just like that. So simple and it is good. A little too sweet for me though.

Her log cake went haywire. I dont know which recipe she used and she nearly cried as it is not as firm as it should be. She served them with extra chocolate sauce for colouring and flavouring.

This was her version of chicken done without any proper recipe. When she asked at the earlier stage, I told her to keep them simple. She done that and the chicken was wonderful. Besides carrot, she uses celery something i never thought they will use. They hated the taste of it. roleld with bacon that leaves a fragrant that only bacon will do. Beef bacon not pork - its a International College and we do have Muslims staffs and Students. Nice ? The sauce was just plain hollandaise and the vinegar reduction is sure good.

Grace - filipino chinese mixed - Her version of brocolli and mushroom cream. Kinda thick but the flavour was teh pwn. Absolutely delish. You can taste both of them in your palate and it does not overpower your taste bud.

Her pumpkin seed chicken salad. Marinate the chicken with pumpkin seed oil and season with slt and pepper. Even the salad is tossed with mixture of pumpkin seed oil and white wine vinegar. Kinda nice touch to it. I dont have a chance to taste that as I have totally forgotten about it that day. Diu!

Her rosemary spicy tomato lamb chop. Done Medium Well. The meat coves up the vege and it does lack the colour of presentation. Taste wise ? Thumbs up.

This she had done before and I did post them earlier. Coffee Cheese Cake in Ramekin Mould. Nice presentation I will say. Better than the previous time. Maybe its due to the new Pastry Chef we had. Err... she uses a little too much gelatin this time and coffee too. The coffee sort of overpower the Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I still like it when she does it the first time.

Next is the BKT guy from Klang. Hehehehe! His appetizer looks weird as he put it. Too big a pocket for so little a chicken. Yeah! It definitely is.

Italian Cream Soup with cant remember what its called. SOmething to do with toasted bread, cheese and some other stuff...Think i'm too tired for this post.

Eric's poach fish is excellent. Served on a simple salsa of cucumber, mint, tomato, celery flavoured with a little lemon juice, sugar and apple juice. Dont ask me why APPLE JUICE ? It lends a taste to the salsa and it was all tantalizing. Sauce supposed to be bearnaise but he forgotten to order tarragon and he modified then. Simple like Joyce's Hollandaise.

Look at the amount of liquid -fish stocks he uses for his poaching. Thank goodness he used them as his stock based for his sopa.

Eric's cake need no intro - simple enough to figure out and he suprised me by making such a simple cake even though he is better than that.

Christie a.k.a chicken as she loves to use the word F**K ! came out with her version of Orange Salad. Poor girl got flu and she cant taste her food. This salad was ok but again she should have tossed the greens with some of the orange juice before sending them out. Its so BLAND.

Her mushroom soup flavoured with a little chive. Kinda cute taste. WHy cute ..... i got no explanation for the taste. Delish with a hint of chive once you swallow.

Rolled Beef with Spinach Fettuccini - she forgotten to season her need to elaborate on the taste then. The beef is crisp on the outer layer and moist with the garlic, onion and french bean she used.

She have always been good in pastry. Thanx to her mum's bakery shop in Johor Bahru. This is what she does best, Blueberry Topping Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cake. Melts in your mouth.

Till then ! Cheers !

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