Practical Lunch - Exam

Had our exam on Wednesday and gotta study and work hence the late post.

This is Suria's , my colleague or partner in work as well as classmate, menu. He did some zesty herbs salsa to go along with lightly toasted round shape bread. The carrot chiffonade at the bottom was stolen from me......hehehehe just kidding.

I didnt managed to capture his soup's picture as I was bz preparing my warm appetizer.

His beef tenderloin served with baked cauliflower. Lends a nice colour and texture to the whole dish. Look at the combination of colour. The kidney beans, sauteed zuchinni and the sauce, sweetness of raspberry.

Nice ?

His dessert - he called them Wanton Sweet Millefuille. Layer of baked wanton skin topped with sweet cream and topped with strawberry slices. Some people called them millefleur

This is another cretion by my Johorean classmate Pua Sze Yih - nick Puasze. Crabstick flavoured with mayonaisse, celery strips, carrot julienne and i dont know what else. OOps ! There's lemon juice in it. How can i forget the ingredient. Stupid moi ! Rolled with thinly slice cucumber.

Follow by her Mexican Devil Rolled Beef. This time she minced the beef and seaoned with lots of paprika, chilli, tomatoes, garlic, leek and onions. Then she baked them and slice to about 2 cm thick before serving. Topped with some capsicum and onion salsa. This dish is complemented with some simple beef jus cooked with tarragon.

This is her lemon sorbet topped with yoghurt serevd in a lemon fruit cup. Decorated with chocolate wording.....I dare not use the word Chef as I am not one YET !...chuckle

My version of salad using avocado, tomato and fresh button mushroom with peanut dressing. The taste is good but the presentation is KNS ! Wanted to create a tower of ( from bottom ) slice tomato, sliced avocado and topped with slice mushroom but the damn thing wont stay. *&^$*&#!*#%$

Simple warm appetizer of caramelized spice cauliflower. Caulflower floret tossed with butter and spice ( curry powder, tumeric and coriander seed powder ). Topped with a little sugar and baked till cooked about 20 minutes at 180C

My chermoula fish. Again i screwed up my presentation, Isnt it better if I place the fish on the potato chiffonade and then place the carrot chiffonade on the left side of plate ? Now it looks like a burnt colour at all....diu

From side view - the carrot and potato chiffonade cut via the turning slicer, i posted earlier. Looks like angel hair pasta aint it ? Kinda moody that day and i forgotten to cut the carrot into half. Just place the whole carrot into the slicer and when I wanted to blanch them, it turns up to be as long as 2 feet in length. No kidding. I had a hard time sauteeing the damn carrot. It tasted nice though, thats a self praise <---------- *proud* lolz

No mentioning this here as I had posted it before

This is Kee's our best student ( among the kiddo ) Stuffed tomato with 2 types of cheese - Cheddar and Parmesan. She filled the tomato cup - after deseeding ( scoop using spoon lar ) with mixture of cheese with a little olive oil and garlic. Baked at 180 for about 5 minutes.

Her fusion of mushroom soup. Using 3 types of mushroom - Shiitake, Button and Abalone. Served with tofu. The vegetable stock she use was clear and the sweetness of the mushroom was slightly over whelming. It is delish though.

hehehehe! Grilled Beef on mash potato and chinese style minced beef sauce. She poked the asparagus spears right thru the middle as she doesnt know what to do with them.

Err... some sort of chocolate cake. Cant remember, sorry. My apologies

Bryan a.k.a. Ah Long - the dragon. Orange salad with orange vinegar dressing. Olive Oil, White wine Vinegar flavoured with Orange Juice and some zest.

Curried Carrot Soup. Whats with all of us using curry powder everywhere. Chuckle

His version of mango millefuille - again using wanton skin.

Ah Soun 0ur Pakistani clasmate - didnt take his Karachi Potato Pakoras picture. This is his main course of lamb chop with just lamb jus.

This is oooh ! Pakistan national dessert. I dnt know what it is called but the sauce is made from cream, cardamon seed, cloves and heaven knows what esle before topping into bread and sprinkled with crushed toasted peanut. I tasted that - it was okay but you need to get use to it. a lot of cardamon and clove flavour here.

I will be going off for 6 days and most probably ended up in Tanah Merah Kelantan. Will see what I eat there or I might even cook in my Aunt in law's place.

Cheers !


Primrose said...

Servings looked so small and I'm hungry now. Not enough for me. Haha!

Eternity said...

wow, the Wanton Sweet Millefuille looks wonderful! hey, are these things actually on the menu in the restaurant?

Godknows said...

Free delivery to Viet Nam?