FooDcrazEE - cooks Hainanese Chicken Rice

Well, I'm back and since some of you do like this dish so much and I dont like to make people wait, I decided to just post the ginger sauce and the chicken rice together. Some of you will be glad...chuckle !

Simple Ginger Sauce

depending on how many people is eating!

100 gm Ginger - grated
10 ml Chicken Oil
Chicken Stock
Mixed the grated ginger with a little oil. Season and dilute with stock. Thats all..........

For the rice, it really depends on how much flavour you will want from it. I like to do mine as flavourful as possible and after asking a few Chef for their recipes and tips, I like this the best.

Rice - 150 gm
Chicken Oil - 20 - 50 ml
Shallot - Chopped
Garlic - Chopped + additional 2 - 3 cloves whole peeled
Old Ginger - Grated + 1 cube peeled young ginger ( 1 inch )
Screwpine leave ( Pandan ) - 1 piece ( tie it up )
Margarine - 1 tablespoon ( for colouring and extra flavour )
Chicken Stock

In a stock pot or rice cooker, sauteed chopped shallot, chopped garlic and grated old ginger with chicken oil till fragrant. Add in the washed rice and mixed. Pour in chicken stock till enough to cook the rice. Dump in the rest of the ingredient and season. If using rice cooker, just press the cook button. If using stock pot, cook on medium low heat uncovered. Stir occasionally.

Once cooked, remove the pandan leave, cube ginger and garlic clove. Served hot.

From Bottom left - chicken oil, shallot, garlic & ginger paste, Margarine, ginger, uncook rice, pandan leave, sauteed garlic.

End product - light fluffy chicken flavour rice with a hint of ginger in every bite.

I prefer poach chicken over anything else for my Hainanese Chicken Rice. Cleaned whole chicken and trimmed fats. You can use that to render your chicken fat. Place whole chicken into a pot of water and bring to a boil for 30 minutes. Make sure it is cooked. I time mine as 39 minutes. So, i guess that will make the cooking time as 40 minutes. Place the chicken in another pot and place under running water for 15 minutes. This will get you smooth and tender chicken pieces as in Pak Charm Kai....if you like them warm, i suggest you watch the chicken after 25 minutes of cooking. Dont over cook them or you will end up with real tough chewy pieces of chicken.

To serve, chopped the chicken up to bite size. Topped with mixture of soy sauce and sesame oil. Garnish with cucumber, spring onion and chinese parsley. Even tomato is a cool accompaniment.

Served with the chilli sauce and ginger sauce.


Cheers !


jadepearl said...

So sedap!!! Did you make the rice into rice balls just like those you can find in Malacca?

boo_licious said...

Looks good. I don't usually poach my chicken, I'll steam it above the rice (on top of wooden chopsticks) and all the juices drip in the rice making it really yummy.

mg said...

Alas!!! This looks yummy. I'll have another go with these. Now that you have written the full recipe. Thanks.

I was skeptical about running the chicken in cold water but i think i'll do it next time. The ginger sauce looks great too.

MM said...

Wah, you reading my mind or what? I was just thinking of cooking Hainanese chicken rice this week ...

Kris said...

..just came from "whats for dinner" chic rice,too *drool* Looks fantastic , i'll take down the recipe, thanks :)

Btw, what is chick oil ???

fooDcrazEE said...

jp - nah dont like the rice balls

boo - great idea. will try them if i cook this again

mae - its an acquired taste as the chicken will be cold

mm - if i can read minds, it will be great. i will call u in advance to ask for extra helping of all the delish food u cooked.

kris - chicken oil is chicken fat. We usually rendered the fats from all the trimming from the chicken skin, fats, etc. Just fry them up on low heat.

NKW said...


The method seems different to me...
THe one I read about was a lot more tedious... have to put the chicken up and down in a pot of hot water...

I prefer have chicken rice along with that black and thick soya sauce... one advice I had from a famous hainanese chicken rice seller in Singapore is that the soya sauce is a bit different... After tasting the soya sauce.. I think he mixed it with oyster sauce... Well, I don't know about the proportion but you can try... :)