King Kin Kong

Nope, its not typo, just a name of a Restaurant or actually a KOPI TIAM - coffee shop in Chinese.

Went back to Klang for my day offs and dad told me about this place. Since he is also once upon a time a FOODIE back when he was still working, i believe it will be good. It is but only on certain dish.

This restaurant is open by a Penangite leaving Penang to find a greener pasture. Thats what he claims.......chuckle. Indeed, judging by his choice of location and business volume, he is doing well.

I thought I was being clever to gauge Penang food by ordering the HOKKIEN MEE as they called them in Penang and better known as Prawn Mee in Klang Valley. Sad to say, this is a far cry from those in Penang. Somehow, they had modified or altered the recipe to suit local taste bud. Still think they can do better than that.

The owner fying Char Kuay Teow for a guest. According to him, its difficult to find DUCK EGG in Klang. I'm not sure about that but I presume he would have known better since he had open his business and used Chicken Egg instead. We didnt order this.

The restaurant signboard - Located in Taman Eng Ann, opposite the primary school.

My bowl of Prawn Mee

My dad's Herbal Pork Rob Rib Mee Suah. Thats one of their best selling item.

My 3 years old niece's Pork Noodle Soup. She loves to eat noodle especially Yellow Mee. I ate 1/4 of what you see here. She finished the noodle all by herself. Err.... she weighs 15 kg now....huge ? Think so too.

Disclaimer - Personal Opinion. Not paid to review and no personal gain from the owner of the restaurant.

Cheers !


eatzycath said...

that bowl of herbal pork rib meesua looks pretty good - I'm a diehard meesua fan (just love the taste) I think it comes from being sick a lot when young and mum feeding me meesua whenever rice would be too heavy!

slurp! said...

hmm ... I always though penang food is judge by penang laksa. I think go with Pork Riv Mee suah as well, don't see much prawn swimming in the Prawn Mee leh :P

mistyeiz said...

hi michael!! thanks for dropping by. :) expert in the house, then you shall be the man i search for if i want good bak ku teh, ikan bakar n the lot lar...hehehe!! :P

mistyeiz @ yvy

Paz said...

All the food looks good. I think the name of the restaurant is enticing. ;-)


The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks like a great lunch.

Vien said...

MmmMMmmm...looks yummy.:P~ I'm a noodle fan.

fooDcrazEE said...

the food is OK !

Paz, the name Kin Kong actualy means Gold Mine....Kam Kong in Cantonese

Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from that krazy blogger down under in New Zealand.
He should of made your meal 'free" !!! Tell him next time. I won't tell you waht "Kin Kong" means in the maori language !!! lol

The Phosgene Kid said...

A lot of restaurants seem to have funny names. One of our favorites is "BoBo's Chinese".

fooDcrazEE said...

kelvin, i wish its free. btw, do tell us the meaning in Maori

phosgene - thats usual

Godknows said...

You have to take me to this place in my future triip to KL Ok. Great photos mate.

Chen said...

The Hokkien Mee or Prawn Mee doesn't look "red" enough :D

fooDcrazEE said...

Tu, this place is not in KL...abt 30 minutes drive away in a place called Klang

Chen, true - not as good as the one in New Lane..

Adeline said...

try d char kuih teow next time!