Cafe de Kow Loong

I found a new place to feast on in Bentong my wife's home town. I did not know that this place exist as it was in the middle of new so called new housing area. Medium Low cost Flats that is.

Located on a row of hawker stalls concept, right to the end. What am I writing ? Its the last stalls in a row of hawker stall concept. A stall called Cafe De Kow Loong , presumely name like the place in HK Kow Loon as they do serve the PORK CHOP BUN that I have yet to taste. Heard it was delish.... thats for my next trip. The Chinese words is exactly like Kow Loon which means 9 Dragon. Not bad, eh? *Self praising for a few words of Chinese* chuckle !

I wont be drawing MAP as I am not as good as Ky who Eats, Pimps, Animates, Draws and FUN. Anyway, its difficult to draw as there are numerous ways to get there and if you do not know Bentong, kinda hard to describe then. The locals called that place "1 mile" Yat Tiu Sek

The Restaurant Signage - I dont read Chinese, so I cant tell you what is written on the signage. Something to do with Kow Loong Char Chan Theng I think as I do notice the TEA word on the signage.

Nestled among a few blocks of flats - 5 storeys high

The banner and they are opened since 28/7/05. Damn........well, put it this way, its like giving them time to hone their cooking skills and I tell you.......the cooks are good.

My BIL actually came for this dish. Sorry for the poor quality picture as I had to use my shitty mobile phone camera and I know nuts about handling them and too lazy to learn. Prefer to be a NOOB. This dish is called "Keong Chong Leng Yee Thau" err.........I do not know the name of the fish in English. Can anyone help me here ?

Its a kinda fish head that was cooked with ginger slices and spring onion. Seasoned with oyster sauce, pepper, sesame oil and a little sugar to caramelized the sauce.

It will be much much better if they uses a claypot to cook the dish. That way, you can really taste the ingredients used and of course to maintain the temperature of the dish.

Indeed , I went back 2 days later to take home 2 portions of this dish as my MIL, wife and meself loves this dish. It cost RM16 for a portion.

This watercress sprout is sauteed with garlic and slightly seasoned with salt. Fresh and clean taste unlike the earthy pungent of watercress that a lot of people hated. I love them though and its better if they are served raw as a salad. Thats what watercress should be....down to earth EARTHY PUNGENT taste.

Chicken wings and this time its called "Chiu YIm Kai Yek" The deep fried wings are sauteed together with just salt and chopped chilli. Some coriander stems are added to enhance the flavour and I will say, a good accompaniment for so as a dish for dinner.

This nice looking but lousy dish is called BUTTER SQUID. I wont say they are actually lousy, what I meant was the taste it delish but their choice of cutting the squid into rectangular shape of about 2 x 1 inch and coated with a layer of thick flour and then deep fried........its like chewing rubber. Would be nice if they cut them into rings.

What they usually do is using some butter or to cut cost - margarine. Melt them in a hot wok. Beat up some egg. Sauteed some curry leaves and then pour the beaten egg while stirring to create some juliennes of egg or shredded like egg as seen in photo. Then the deep fried squid or prawns are normally thrown in and mixed in with the egg mixture and highly seasoned.

Sambal Petai with Prawn. Not a bad dish but lack the ooomph of local petai that is more pungent or shall I say more aroma and taste. They uses THAI petai and as we all most of us know, THAI petai is a no no......

I dont really read Chinese and for those who can , that is the bill. Written the traditional way , Chinese way that is.

Till then

Cheers !


jadepearl said...

Wah...good food leh!!!

Primrose said...

I love anything that's chiu yim. I first ate them when I was studying overseas. Fav dish then was chiu yim pai kuat. Mum tried to make but didn't know then. Now we know. Deep fry meat with lam yue. Yummmm!!!

Fashionasia said...

eh is the vege dish pucuk paku?? the hubby lovessss the paku.

Kristopher said...

look delicious and the price is quite cheap too..:)