Salted Vege Soup - Non Halal Post

My wife wanted some simple yet delicious soup and I was cracking my head. Then she came up with what she wanted. That makes my life so much easier.....never easy to please a wifey , eh ? chuckle

Last minute thingy and grab whatever I can from the wet market.

Just some salted vege. Julienne and soaked in running water for about 5 minutes to rid as much salt as possible.

A packet of silk tofu or "SUI TAU FOO"

Some pork ball as I dont want the hassle of pork bones or chicken bones. This kind of pork ball is what the Cantonese called " Chi Yoke Kan "



Boiled the anchovies after cleaning them up and soaked in water again to rid of salt. Simmer for 20 minutes. I discared the anchovies after that. Add in the pork balls ,julienne salted vegetable and tomatoes and simmer for another 10 minutes. Lastly add in the tofu and adjust ur seasoning.

Simple right ?

Cheers !


babe_kl said...

wahhh really "yah sei hau low kung" *thumbs up* wish hubby could cook!

sei for i really feel like drinking "ham choy tong" now!

fooDcrazEE said...

Go and cook some then. If not 24 hau then how ? wife wor.....lolz

Sue said...

Wah, I love this soup! But mom doesn't want to let me drink cos of the preservatives in the salted vege :( The last time I drank it I got gastric too..maybe a bit too sour.

boo_licious said...

Lucky wifey! Been ages since I drank this soup, nice to have nowadays since it's raining again.

jadepearl said...

I second that ~ lucky wife indeed! This is also one of our fav. soup in the house too!!!

KampungboyCitygal said...

Oooo I miss my mum now..She said that this soup has a cooling effect on our body..duno true or not?? 0_?

Godknows said...

not easy to be a good husband huh? I will try to make this soup myself when i get back Hanoi. Cheers mate

rokh said...

aww, how i wish my boy can cook! you're so sweet

fooDcrazEE said...

sue - just dont drink too much. Once in awhile is kewl

Boo - true , a good comfort food

JP - in our generation, its almost every family's fav

City Gal - all of us miss our mum when we are out of the house. So, go back for hols whnever u can.

Tu - do try and post them, k ?

Rokh - wish my wifey can cook too.Chuckle!

Life will never be perfect and opposites always attract. Think even Boo will be happy if Splashie can once in awhile cook some comfort food for her.

5xmom said...

What a coincident! I also cooked this for dinner tonite. But I forget to put onion, which would make the soup more oompy. BTW, I had done some kpc hunting for camera eviews. Post liao

mg said...

Hi Michael,

You are such a good husband and a great cook! Great combination.

It's interesting to see anchovies on your list of ingredients... I love anchovy sauce with a squeeze of lime or lemon as a condiment for roast chicken eaten with boiled rice.

The soup sounds so yummy. What makes a pork ball? Is it something you buy already made up as a ball? or is it something you make yourself?

Eternity said...

this is my favourite soup of all time! i can eat bowls of rice with just this soup! :)

Chen said...

Ham Choy Tong is one of my favourites :)