GuangXi Dip

Not exactly sure if it is from there but am sure its the local Malaysian version of poach chicken dips.

The ingredients as follow

Lesser Galangal - 20 gm - chopped - Can be replaced with old ginger but the taste would not be as good.
Minced Bean Paste - 5gm ( less than 1/2 a teaspoon )
Coriander - 1 bunch - chopped
Spring Onion - 1 stalk - chopped

In a hot pan / wok, add a little sesame oil. Sauteed the beanpaste till fragrance, quickly add in the rest of the ingredient and stir for till well mixed. Season to taste. Cooking time less than 1 minute.

Remove and served with poached / steamed chicken.

Picture of cleaned lesser galnagal planted in our own backyard. It takes 6 months to grow this bunch. The earthy pungent of this galangal is an acquired taste and let me tell you, a lot of people hated them.

Another version of similar dips would be as such

Shallot - 200 gm - pounded
Lesser Galangal - to taste ( about 30 - 50 gm )
Sesame Oil - enough to sauteed the shallot.
Soy Sauce - to taste

Sauteed the shallot till transluscent taking care not to burn or over cook them. Remove and place in a bowl. Mixed in the galangal and soy sauce to taste. This is my mum's version. The first is my MIL version.

Seems like I haveposted this before but too lazy to search and check. Who long as it is tasty......just post them .

Cant upload the pic as there's some shitty thingy with blogger.


Cheers !


The Phosgene Kid said...

The fact there is a lesser galangal would imply there is a greater galangal - is that more expensive?

fooDcrazEE said...

not greater but just galangal that are used mostly in Thai Cuisine. Different taste and texture.

Wuching said...

huh? what's galangal?

Paz said...

That's okay you can't upload the photos. I can use my imagination. ;-)


Paz said...

Congratulations on your awesome news below!


fooDcrazEE said...

wuching - thats " Nam Keong " or lengkuas in Malay.

Paz - thanx....will have to start reading more blogs soon or I'll lose contact with the bloggersphere