Steam Chicken with Mum's Dip

My MIL wanted to eat some steam chicken but both of us was too lazy to cooked up the Hainan Chilli Sauce and Ginger for it. So, decided to do my mum's version of the steam chicken dip when I found some home grown lesser galangal in the fridge.

Different from the GuangXi dip and I do believe it is more on the Hakka side ( Chinese Dialect ). There is only 3 of us and thus the half chicken.

As usual, just steam the chicken over very low heat for about 15 minutes.

Usually I just steam them for 12 and turn off the heat. Then let the rest of the heat in the covered wok to do the rest of the steaming.

This way, I can maintain the smoothness of chicken meat rather than it being over cook and tough. Rough as per Chinese saying.

For the dipped, you will need a handful of shallot, about 10 numbers. Soaked in cold water, then peel. Its much easier to peel that way. after peeling, mum usually pound them in the pestle and I did the same.

Regretted it.....tears running own my cheek. Suggest to just sliced them up.

A few pieces of lesser galangal will suffice as it is very pungent and may over whelm the flavour.

Sauteed the shallot in sesame oil till transluscent. Sweat the shallot is the word. Remove and add in the chopped lesser galangal and season with light soy sauce. All that to your taste. Voila - chow time.

Couldnt finish the chicken , so, the very next day, I dumped the dip and the chicken and stir fried them till well mixed and HOT.

Didnt bring my camera back with me and thus the lousy pic from a 1.2 mp camera phone. Sorry!

Cheers !


Wuching said...

wuah! eat chicken! very nice!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks good!! I will have to try it out.

fooDcrazEE said...

i'm a chicken man....lolz

The Phosgene Kid said...

Chicken is great, but I prefer duck - hard to come by in the US for some reason...