Macau Trip

Got back from my hols and been busy with work and kids. Time to update me blog . . . . . .hehehehehehe

Reached Macau on Sunday 13/4/08 at 1945 and took a short 7 minutes drive to me friends place. It cost us 60MOP = RM28 - 29. That was a very expensive cab fare.

Showered, changed and proceed to MGM for dinner at me friends expense. Sorry no pic there as I forgotten to snap the pic. The food at MGM was excellent and we ate at a place called err.......... I think it is called Red 8 . . . . nope, its SQUARE 8.

Anyway, sorry to the MUSLIM readers - the pork in Macau was excellento. So tender and succulent unlike ours.

Then went for a walk around the Wymm, MGM, Galaxy and Lisboa area.

Next morning, ate at a CHAR CHAN TENG and found the noodle and so called CHU PHAR PAO ( PORK RIB BUN ?? ) - YUCKY. I only managed to snap my own noodle and the POH LOR PAO ( Pineapple Bun ). 4 of us ate breakfast and it cost us 138 MOP = RM 66 - 68 ( about half ).

The noodle I had - beef brisket noodle - not as good as claimed by them. . .

The famous PINEAPPLE BUN - another yucky . . . . . . . . thats the last I had ever . .

We left our friends as they need to work and we proceed to ZHU HAI via the shuttle from various hotels and casino.

In Zhu Hai, accompanied me wife for some shopping that lasted 3 hours plus include 2 makan time - lunch and tea.

First stop - a Chinese food court of sort and again ordered the Beef Brisket as me friend told nme it was good. The beef brisket is tough - managed only a few mouthful due to hunger and left the whole pile alone. The milk tea was good but still not up to expectation.

Spotted a local area selling all sorts of noodle and no one bothers to even approach us . A lady boss beckon us and we decided to try her stall as the stall was kinda full. It gotta be good I guess. Had this noodle that is weird in colour - greyish and she told me it was made from POTATO STARCH. . . .freshly made she claimed. I got no idea. The noodle was excellent - al dente but the soup is a lil too spicy for my liking. Had all sorts of side dish for us to try, plus a coke and a sprite the total bill came to about 60 odds RMB - costly but worth the experience. . . . .

Jalan jalan here and there and bought some buns to snack upon. Interesting bun . . . . .made like Shanghai Mooncake Texture but with some kind of meat in it. Looks like Luncheon Meat but not the canned type. I really got no idea what was . . . . . . . . pork for sure but dont know how they do it. Its juicy and tasty. . . thats the most important part aint it.

Then we ciao back to Macau lar. . . .till then

Cheers !

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