Roast Pork with Arrow Root

Had this not so long ago as me wife wanted to eat it . . . . .Bought some roast pork and had the arrow root digged up from me aunt's place. . .yeah ! awesome . . . .she planted them along the bank of her natural pond behind her house in Batu Arang. . .

No recipe here. . . . . . . . just arrow root, spring onion, roast pork, garlic and a lil oyster sauce.

Sauteed the garlic, add in the pork and then arrow root. Once fragrant, add in a lil water to sort of braised them. . . . . then the spring onion especially the white part follow by oyster sauce to taste. You can also add a lil dark soy sauce and sugar.

Cheers !


JOjo said...

Now still got arrow roots ge? i tot it is only available during CNY?

FooDcrazEE said...

thats commercial . . . . . .my aunt grew them . . . i dunno how and too lazy to ask her as well.