FoodCrazEE go Makan - NON HALAL

Its been a long long long time since I really last blog . . . . . .sorry guys . . . .LAZY is the word and access to Internet plays a role as well.

Anyway, had more opportunity now that I am in Marketing and will definitely go places to eat while on duty.

Met my friend in Jaya One as we had been there a few times in STAR BUCKS to smoke CIGAR. This time, we wanted to eat and he said to try KISSATEN - a Japanese Fusion . . . .but we were out of luck as they are closed every MONDAY.

Sorry again for the blur pic as i didnt have my camera. So, decided to eat at DUCK KING instead. According to my friend, this is a INDONESIAN CHINESE RESTAURANT or owned by an INDONESIAN CHINESE. I dont know about it though and knowing him, I trusted his info.

Asked him to order as I dont want to think about what to eat this time round. Heard the roast item is superb there and he did ordered a portion of ROAST PORK. My goodness . . . . the fat just melts in your mouth and the skin is so CRISPY. Havent had this for a long time - watching my weight as my LDL is kinda high and affected my liver < - - - high enzyme reading.

The veg was normal - dont really know what it is called but the menu stated BABY KAILAN though i remember it was some sort of sprout. . . .

Instead of rice, we just had a portion of noodle each and well, it was al dente . . . .but the soup that accompanied it . . .phew ! salty like hell and the taste . . .so fishy . . .cant place what is it in.

The most interesting dish that intringue me though I was a lil skeptical at first. The STONE POT DEEP FRIED GROUPER FILLET WITH LEMONGRASS AND GLASS NOODLES. What a name. . . . . .

Guess the ingredients - deep fried grouper fillet, lemongrass, oyster sauce, black pepper, ginger, garlic, fish stock, dark soy sauce and a lil hoi sin sauce. Overall satisfaction for this dish 8/10. Delish. Looks like they deep fried the fillet and then braised it in the stoneware.

Errr. . . . .I lost the pic. . . . . .something happened to my memory card . . .oh well . . . . .lets do without it . . . .lolz

Total Bill = about RM77. . . . . .

After dinner, we smoke a Romeo y Julieta Corona . The dirty look you get from those dining around there is PRICELESS. Hehehehehehehehe!

The cigar afficinado will understand the look . . . .lolz

Till then

Cheers !


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*giving foodcrazee THE look*

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glad you are back to blogging

gong xi fa cai

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:0 lily - happy lunar new year to u too