wok fried Pork Belly

Damn. .. .i havent been cooking for ages and now starts all over again during my day off. Craved for fried porkbelly that we can dip into a chili padi with soy sauce as condiment, i decided to try something that had been in my mind.

What u need

1 whole strip of pork belly - cut into a long strip of about 1cm thick, 3 inches wide and length of about 6 inches.

2 marinade - minced ginger, shallots, garlic, sesame oil, rice wine, light soy sauce. it really depends on how much u like ginger and shallot. I personally prefers more ginger flavour. Minced ginger,shallot and garlic. Mix all ingredients and pour on the pork belly. Marinade in chiller for at least 2 hours.

3 Remove from chiller, scrub down the marinade and fried the pork belly over low heat till cook and golden broen on all side. Use as little oil as possible as the lard from the belly will oozed out and fried the belly as well.

4 to serve, sool the belly for at least 1/2 an hour. This will ensure the meat stays moist. Slice into a 2mm thick pork belly slice. serves with cucumber slice with chilli padi and light soy sauce as condiments.

5 Nom Nom

Cheers! Sorry for the lack of pic. . . . . .always forget to snap pic to show u guys. . .


Primrose said...

Hi Foodcrazee...thanks for the comment in my blog. :) Yeah, after so long, my update shocked you ah? Heheh!! You also very long never blog oh! Always nice to read from you again. :) Do you have facebook account?

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