Bitter Gourd

Havent been cooking for awhile and when I saw this little bittergourd, i cant resist.
This is not the usual bittergourd you find in market. Its the minuature type that is so much bitter and crunchy.

As usual, i got this in Bentong Market - home grown and of course organic....know what I mean ? chuckle !

Clean them, cut into halves, remove the seeds and slice them up. Kinda forgotten to snap the picture of the end product.

Anyway, its easy.

200 gm Bittergourd - sliced.
Egg - 3 numbers ( beat them up )
Salt / Pepper

Blanch the bittergourd in hot water for about 30 seconds. Remove and drained. Heat up wok, a little oil, sauteed the gourd for about less than a minute, add egg and mixed till the eggs are cooked. Season. Remove and serve.

Cheers !


Wuching said...

oo..i miss eating those!

Primrose said...

My fav vege has to be the bitter gourd. The bitter-er, the better. :) Fried with eggs (and prawns) or with beef. Yumm!!

Welcome back! I did miss you!

slurp! said...

great to see you're finally back!
yup! those mini bittergourd looks very nice. it's believe that the more bitter it is, the more potent is their efficacy (wrt to health giving properties of coz)

absolutely yummie, i love to have them with salty eggs as well.

Vien said...

oh, you shop at the bentong market? I been there once. they have quite a variety of local veggies. we get this kinda bitter gourd at indian grocery shops.

My Rantings said...

Hubby and I love bitter gourd too. I normally slice it thinly and fry it with garlic, minced pork and soya bean paste. Yummy....! :)

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

bitter gourd 1 of my hate food.but when my mum make soup by bitter gourd i became addict of it!
no joke

The Phosgene Kid said...

I had some "bitter melon" friends from the Philippines made. It wasn’t just a catchy name, it was pure bitter. I think it is one of those foods you have to be raised on to appreciate.

Audrey Cooks said...

Have u tried frying bittergourd with salted eggs and a dash of dark soya sauce. It doesn't look good but tastes great!

boo_licious said...

We usually use the small ones for juice though and the bigger ones to cook. I love it with black beans and chicken. Yummy stuff that is so addictive.

FooDcrazEE said...

try this Vietnamese version of bittergourd soup.

Posting them without real recipe and pic.

Zurynee said...

i love to eat this raw with sambal belachan !!

lobstersquad said...

so that´s what it is!
I saw these in my asian market last week but didn´t know what to do with them, and nobody around knew either. thanks

Angeleyes said...

You can add sliced peeled tomato and fried with eggs... delicious!
Use the bigger bitter gourd... even my hubby who don't eat bitter gourd loves that dish.