AXA - Blog to sponsor for Cancer Care

I was asked by someone.. Lets call that person D... All i have to do is write up about cancer with link to and AXA will sponsor 1 patient for chemotherapy in Tung Shin Hospital under National Cancer Society Malaysia Cancer Treatment Centre.

Bear in mind,  I am not doing this for $, €, ¥, £.. You know what i meant.

I couldnt care less if AXA is using blogs as another advertising campaign, important thing is people can get treatment they otherwise couldnt.

I have seen cancer patients suffering physically, mentally and financially. Its damn blardy tough.

20 years back,  we hardly hear about cancers but in the last 10 or so years,  its so damn common and that should make  us think and yet.. Human... love our own comfort zone.

Cancer in layman's term = some shit happens to our cell.  Out of control growth.  Looking at the website... There are indeed more than a 100 types of cancer and do believe Classified depending on cell affected.

Please share and write up whatever u wish with a link to AXA and sponsor a patient for chemotherapy.  Karma pays my friends.


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