Bus Ticket

Phew! Got our bus ticket in a nick of time. Last seats for the day at 1000pm. Dat means a 2 and a half our wait b4 the land transfer to Merang and another 1 and a half hour wait b4 the sea transfer.

Y cant the resort peep deal with the bus consortium and arrange a time where we dont have to wait too long. There's not much info on transportation anyway. We cant even book via telephone or on line. NO such facility they said. LOLZ. In this modern world, Malaysia is still way way back nehind. WTF !!

Speaking of that, one of my friend during our discussion said " IF U dont like the system, you can always leave the country" and we were like WTF ? We were discussing abt the politics and mentality of Malaysian and he said that? WHat a jerk. He go left and right from all of us. Anyway, he's down with a motor neuron disease. Felt bad for him. Still in treatment in SJMC and found out he had to take medicine to slow the neurons from dying. His right arm muscle is wasted and he had lost like 3 - 5 kg within a month. The medicine will set him back like RM2k a mth not inclusive of consultation , etc. Well, dats Malaysia System - Medical is SHIT !

Pity his wife and his 2 kids. One is in 2nd sem Interior Design and one in Form 5. What they gonna do ? What abt the wife? Whole life gonecdown he drain and our medical insurance dont even cover that shit.

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