Hmmm... wondering what is the most expensive fish that u guys had heard b4? or perhaps eaten?

Working in this field for so damn long and it still suprises me. One of the most expensive fish that i have tasted it the whatcamacallit er..... slip my mind - the fish that produce the BELUGA and SEVRUGA ---- yeah STURGEON fish.

Ate them in a chinese restaurant and since it is quite rare that piece of flesh cost me USD150 for abt a kilo or so only.

Heard in Sarawak the EMPURAU ( known as RED KELAH among chinese ) cost RM400.00 per kilo there. My guests brought it from there and he paid like RM1,000 per kilo for dat 3 kilo fish. Is dat expensive or what ?

Thought i am FOODCRAZEE but he's worse. Cant afford to pay for dat damn fish man. According to him, it melts in ur mouth. What else can we ask for ? Went to UNIQUE SEAFOOD to have his chef cook for him. The chef asked him" WHat fish is this?" havent seen it before?

*FLASH* snap snap. Digital cameras and phone camera snapping the fish. The only cooking method - STEAM with a few julienne of ginger and a stalk of spring onion. Drain the excessive fluid from the plate and topped with the highest quality soy sauce.

VOILA ! if only i were invited. DIU.

Of to Lang Tengah in 2 days time. Shall i bring my fishing gear there or shall i just be a beach bum for 2 days ?

Till then.

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