Just came back from my holidays - Day off plus annual leave. Awesome 7 days. spent 3d2n in lang tengah.

The bus trip there is shit. It took us 8 hrs to reach KT and at dawn. Waited for 2 hrs before the van came and fetch us to Merang Jetty. Even the water there is beautifully clear. The boat came - 20 footer that can only fit in 12 pax. Damn, here i am in a small boat going into deep ocean. I cant even swim. Lolz. Reach SQUARE POINT resort by 11am and my first impression was ....... wow.... serenity. Checked in and changed. Rented the snorkeling equipment for RM25 and was informed it was for the whole duration of our stay. CHEAP.

Learn how to snorkle and on the first outing - i chicken out. Damn waves are choppy but beautiful coral. The water is fkking clear and nice crystal blue and somwhere around 40 - 60 feet. Went off to another location and its not as choppy and only 8 feet deep. Snorkle for 1 hr there. My poor wife was sea sick and they brought her back b4 i can even got unto the boat.

Went back for lunch and pop in to see my mam, she's pale. Showered, took her for lunch and return to the room for rest. By 2 pm, i'm itchy again . Went snorkeling on my own and was later joined by me friend. Thats another 1.5 hrs and we are only like a stone throw away from the resort. HEAVEN. managed to follow a black tip shark of abt 3 - 4 feet for awhile. Caught a glimpse of a turtle but cant follow. That turtle was swift.

Back to room , washed off the salt water and had tea break. Pengat pisang and banana cake. What a combination. Met 2 peeps from KL socialite and hmmm..... nice chap.

Back to water and snorkle till b4 dinner time. They used the old fashioned way to announce dinner time. A triangle steel with a steel rod. Interesting and cost efficient. Food was marvellous with no MSG added. Searched the whole kitchen and not a granule. Damn good soup. Excellent. Talk about food and i salivate. Thinking of the keropok lekor that I will buy when I get to KT. 5 pcs of abt 5 inches of that keropok at RM1.00. Dirt cheap and FRESH.

Till laterz

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