Beef Recipe

quite a comment with Dree's first ROAST beef and decided to blog a few recipe for beef. Really loves Beef but had to stop for awhile, LDL rising. Gotta increase my HDL and reduce the latter. Anyway, here goes :

Beef Goulash - 2 portions

50gm Onions - peeled and ring ( 1/2 cm thick.)
300 gm beef - cut into bite size around 2x2x2 cm
20 gm butter - for sauteeing
1 cloves garlic - crushed
100 gm tomato - peeled, unseed and cut into quarters.
( tips - to peel - cut a cross at the bottom of tomato, put into boiling water for abt 10 secs and remove. plunge into iced cold water. The skin will be easier to remove.)
200 gm potato - peeled and cut into quarters

melt the butter, add onion and beef. Brown them. Add the tomato, garlic, seasoning and paprika. Add enough water to cover the meat, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and cover, cooked for abt 30 minutes. Add in potato and some water. Bring to a boil and continue till potato is cooked. No need to add cream as the potato will thicken the gravy. Adjust seasoning and served HOT.

Malaysians might like it with white rice.

Stir Fried beef with Ginger and Spring Onion

300 gm beef - sliced against grain
100 gm ginger - slice thinly into rectangular - 1.5cm x 3cm ( up to your own discretion )
100 gm spring onion - cut into 1 inch length.
soy sauce
chinese rice wine - OPTIONAL
corn starch - a little to ensure the gravy sticks to the beef, can be replace with oyster sauce - careful on ur salt or omit .

Heat oil, add ginger, fried for awhile, add beef and stir fry for abt a minute ( depending on heat of fire. Splash some rice wine into the meat, add spring onion - the white part ( scallion ) first, then later the green part. Season with soy sauce or with oyster sauce. Stir till well mixed. Served hot.

THAI BEEF SALAD - 2 portions

2 onions - sliced
250 gm chinese parsley (cilantro) chopped
250 gm mint leaves
250 ml lime juice
100 ml fish sauce ( nam pla )
50 gm white sugar
50 gm chilli padi - crushed( depends on ur taste bud ) or substitute with chilli powder
1 nos lettuce ( romaine or iceberg )
700 gm beef ( preferably the fillet or ribeye )
300 gm cherry tomatoes - cut into halves

add all the first 7 ingredients until mixed well or till sigar is dissolved. Adjust flavour. Add some chopped lemon grass if desire.( Marination or sauce )
Grilled the beef over high heat on both side for about 3 - 4 minutes or until medium done. Sliced thinly. Add into the marination and cover. Chilled for 3 hrs.

Tear lettuce into bite size, topped with chilled beef and spoon some sauce onto the beef. Topped with cherry tomato and some cilantro, if desired.

Alternatively, u can marinate the beef for abt 2 hrs. Grilled till medium done. Slice thinly - abt 1/2 cm. Place the beef on lettuce. For sauce, prepare same ingredient . Add in cherry tomatoes ( crushed ), chilli powder and mixed well. Adjust for taste.

Lovely when the lettuce is cold and the beef warm.

Well, till then. Enjoy ur cooking - BON APETITE , BUEN APETITO

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