Went thru a few blogs and found Dree managed to roast his beef. GOod for him. As for me, tonight for my practical class , i am preparing baked fish. Managed to get RED SNAPPER.

Here's the recipe.

Fillet of Red Snapper - around 150 gm each. No marination, just seasoned with salt, pepper. Put the fillet on aluminium foil, topped with some vege ( julienne celery,capcicum and carrot) . Then add the premade basil butter on top of everything and wrapped the fish. Taking care to seal all sides to ensure the juice from fish will stay in the foils.

For BASIL butter - use either lemon basil or sweet basil. Chopped them up. Add into creamed butter ( butter that had been beaten up ), chopped garlic, a dash or two of wine or brandy or whichever hard liquor u fancy ( lolz ), salt and pepper. Mixed them up. I like to chill the butter. So, i use aluminium foil to roll the mixture up. Chill them and then i can slice them up to whatever size i like. Prefer a size abt 1 cm thick by 2 - 3 cm diameter.

Baked them for 10 minutes in a oven at a preset 200 Celcius.

TRY THEM. U will love it.

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