Been lazy. Kinda forgotten i have my own blog and havent been updated for ages. Instead I read peeps blog and commented on a few. Looks like SHIANG is gonna have a GF soon. Good for him. have not seen him in ages and even when i'm down town,i didnt call anyone.

Started my second sem into 4th weeks now and i'm getting bored. Lecturer's sux even with degree frmo Swiss and France. Dunno nuts abt service practicality only theoritically. Did i spell correctly. Who gives a shit.

Just came back from me day off - 5 days including my annual leave. Open up the company's outlook and i have like 177 mails. Damn, that will take hours. Been sitting here for 4 hrs doing paperwork which they wanted by tomorrow. Phew! talk abt stress.

Till then

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