Destination Moon

Was reading STAR on line when i came upon this article Destination Moon 2020.

What in the world is our Govt doing ? Are they gonna spends billions of Tax payer $$ for this unproductive matter when there are so many damn things they can do for Malaysian.

Why cant they look into our public transportation soulution, education system can be improve,etc. Imagine a quota of 80% Bumis, 20% Non Bumis and they all speaks Malay. Count Down T Minus 1 hr 20 minutes = Kira Bawah T Tolak 1 Jam 20 Minit. lolz.

This reminds me of Harith and Adflin's shows "Ah Ha" on 8TV tonight 10:30pm . They impersonated the rappers or hip hoppers world. Greet each other with " Wassup Bro" and translated to " Apa Di Atas"
"It's kewl down here" became " semuanya dingin di bawah sini"

picture extracted from - CAST of AH HA

WTF ! Any1 care to comment ?


Shiang @ H2S said...

bah.. the usual i guess.

lets move to some other country ;)

hee hee

KY said...

more of a moral shot and to put the country on the global map. it's not too expensive as an advertising campaign for the image of the country if carried out successfully and smartly.

fooDcrazEE said...

Advertising ? WTF ? cost billions ? can i be the agent then. commission of 0.001% will do.

Yeah ! Right Tai Lou, love this country too much too leave.