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Wow, its the first time i got this message from Sue&Eternity

Sue & Eternity said...
Like your blog! :) Linked you!

looking at my site meter peeps would know i'm kinda new in blogs. But interesting or not it depends on individual. At least appreciated by some - food bloggers. Think both of them likes food and seeing the Banh Xeo post is what makes them interesting. They dig Viet food too.

I havent been back to HCMC since 1998. Anyway, did ask my buddy there and they told me, not much different except cost of living just escalate - 3 times of 1998. Well, most of the time, i am like a local. Travel in motorbike without even a license and i was caught 3 times and each time i just gave VND50,000 to them. Dats like USD4.50 those days. If i were to pay for an international license - it will cost me USD100 per year. Save a lot did i?

Not much that i can remember after all these years, just certain area especially District 1 as i stays around that area. Frequent Pham Ngu Lao St as my friend open a bar there and Tiger Beer priced at USD0.80, Saigon 333 Beer at USD0.50, Carlsberg at USD1.00, Heineken at USD1.20 and Corona at USD2.50. Dirt cheap.

HCMC is known thru their district 1 - 12 i think. Cant remember much of them cept Dist 1,2,5 and 10. Dont go to Dist 4 dat much as it was really a SLUM those days. Lots og gangs and they fight using molotov.

Just for info, Viet is basically divided into 3 area - Southern, Northern and Central. They speaks slightly different accented Vietnamese and they have different style of cooking for Viet Cuisine.

The usual u will find is like PHO, NUOC CHAM, BANH MI, BANH CUNG, BANH BEO , GOI
( salad ) and others. For me, one of their best cuisine seems to be from HUE the PERFUME RIVER as it was called b4. The food there is based on Viet, French and Chinese influences.

Anyway, the best part of vietnamese food is they r basically OIL FREE unless u go for the fried stuff. Even the Banh Xeo is oily as it is sort of fried too.

For more info on Viet food, do try these link

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Enjoy ! :)


babe_kl said...

Great! Another Msian food blogger, welcome and pls keep us updated.

fooDcrazEE said...

will do babe_kl