Practical Class

2nd Sem of my class and we manage to come up with our own version of food and garnishing.

Prawn Cocktail with turn papaya and honeydew. Kinda ok cept for the prawn. Control item as we were using TIGER PRAWN.

From another angle. Sorry its kinda blur..... like me !

For our main course, Hungarian Beef Goulash

For Dessert - i left it to the classmates and fair enough, the kiddo came out with the usual mango pudding cept for the size - its HUGE. Pretty kewl when they came out with KIWI COULIS.

Other wise, it alright. I didnt cook a single dish as i told them i do not want to take away their learning experience - actually I was lazy. LOLZ

For my coming semester exam , this is what i have planned to cook and present.


Just plain old beetroot - slice it up- season with salt and pepper, served with lots and lots of fresh tarragon and cilantro. Not to forget, sprinkle some olive oil on the salad. It taste fresh and yeah tarragon do taste nasty but as a salad, its suprising clean taste. lOlz.

For my main course - I think i will go with prime ribs served with ratatouille ( a combination of zuchhini, eggplant,mixed capcicum,tomatoes, herbs, etc) and er..... potato (f**k i havent thought of that ). Hm... maybe some dauphinois for colouring will be nice. Sorry, no pic yet. Maybe after the test.

Dessert - thinking of serving MINT JELLY - sme recipe with ALMOND Beancurd only substituting almond with mint. Hm.... better start looking for praline to served with my coffee.

Till then. Leave a message if u want the recipe. and KY - not cooking for you YET.

Cheers and enjoy!

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