DIPS for fried item

Here's a recipe from my friend. its good for fried item.

1 (275 ml) bottle chili sauce
6 birds eye chilis (more if need be)
5 cloves garlic
8 cloves shallots
3 teaspoons soy sauce
4 tangerine - squeeze for juice.

It will be good for your most fried item expecially chicken. It had a spicy sweet and sour taste.Mixed them well.

Sambal Belacan

100 g fresh birds eye chilis, blend
200 g shallots, blend
100 g garlic, blend
2 teaspoons belacan, blend (fish sauce sub)
50 ml tangerine juice
50 g sugar
salt and pepper (to taste)
soy sauce (optional)

Remove seed from chilli to tone down the spiciness. Blend all ingredient.
Add salt and pepper to taste. Do add additonal sugar and tangerine juice before serving if you like it les spicy. Substituta salt with soy sauce if desire.
Keep in bottle- chill if possible.


KY said...

the sauce sounds good.. will have to try it one of these days.

fooDcrazEE said...

Go ahead. But dont blend. I made a mistake. Just mixed them up real good.