Roast Lamb Rack

Decided to cut up the rack as most of these guys prefer their lamb to be medium well. Personally, i prefer them medium. Nothing great this time, just marinate the lamb with rosemary, crushed black pepper, sea salt, cognac , a dash or two of LP sauce, paprika and a lil Madras curry powder. marinate for 2 hrs, sear and roast for 30 minutes at 160C.

Results WOW! *chuckle* imagine praising yourself. What a dork ! Wouldnt want to be call a NOOB , do I ?


Just served with turn potato ( steamed and seasoned) vichy carrot and sauteed brocolli. Garnish with fried julienne of leek.

Cook up some mean mint sauce . Caramelized 100gm castor sugar ( brown sugar if possible) careful not to touch the melteed sugar as it is the HOTTEST thing possible in kitchen. Add water and bring to a boil. Remove mint leave from stem. Chuck the stem ( it will infuse minty flavour ) into the pot to boil along with the sugar mixture. Add about 50 ml White Wine Vinegar and let them boil for 20 minutes. Meanwhile chopped up the mint leaves and set aside. Add about 20 - 30 gm gelatin into the pot. adjust to desired consistency. Remove pot and let it cool to room temperature. I speed up the cooling process by placing the pot into ice bath and stir to keep the gelatin from lumping. Once cool to room temperature, add in the mint leaves. Served with the LAMB.

VOILA ! Perfecto main dish.

For dessert. me friend did some fruit tartlet with whatever fruits we find in the chiller.

Planning to assist my chef to cater for a function for the college. They will host some agent for international student and we are gonna charbroiled a whole lamb. Till then.

Enjoy !

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