Char Broiled Whole Lamb

Starting the fire for the char broiled whole lamb. Didnt use flash , so , we can see the fire burning............... Learn a new way to start the fire real quick. Mixed oil with water. abt 1/3 water with 2/3 oil. That is after you get a small fire burning first. Add in more charcoal and then sprinkle with the oil mixture.

Marinate the lamb using malay style - meat curry powder, cumin powder, tumeric powder, coriander seed ( crushed into powder ) , galangal crushed, grated ginger, paprika, LP sauce, soy sauce and curry leaves.

Didnt manage to get the picture when we mount the lamb to charbroiled. This 6 pics was the last stage when its abt cook. Cant snap pix when i carve the lamb.... too oily a hand. The far left picture bottom.... er..... hate this pic as it looks like a .......... use ur imagination...

Cheerio !

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