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Since I was tagged by eternity , here goes. I will not blog about other childhood memories except FOOD as I am better known as a foodie ......Sounds like TAMIL vulgar word *chuckle*

Since I was born in JB and grew up in PJ and Klang, I have followed my dad around a lot. He's a makan kaki too. He covers Selangor and Pahang downwards to Johor and Singapore in those days for his work for GOLDCOIN Malaysia - a feedmill company.

Whenever we are back in JB to visit my late Grandma - we will always visit the local market hawker stalls for a treat of what the Johorian called " Kueh Teow Kia " little flat rice noodle around 1/2 cm width kinda similar to the IPOH HOR FUN. This dish is served with a broth from the stewing or braising of pork, innards, beancurd, etc with the 4 friends of spices - Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Star Anise and cardamom Seed. The dishes are served separately from the noodle.

For those in Johor, U can try the stalls at the market place called Pasar Kia in Tmn Tebrau. Klang Valley, heard of one stall in Klang but I have yet to try. Its near Hotel Histana besides the Hokkien Association. Not sure exactly where but its around there.

This dish was delish. Meme indeed.

Each time after the visit on the way back to Klang, we will stop by Muar and well, as u know, they are famous for their otak otak or Peranakan Fish Mousse.

Believe it or not, I used to whack at least 50 - 100 pcs of these OTAK OTAK. Its not big, about one mouthful.

ICE BALL GENERATION - err...... U know who !

The other memory that I remember and been trying to get picture for it was the ICE BALL. It was shaved ice, packed into a round shape and into a plastic bag and ladened with ROSE SYRUP. It costs us 5 cents a piece and we would just suck the ice ball dry of the syrup. Man it was delish those days when u r kid. Mum always caught us eating it even though we denied , of course. Then I found out when I grew...... It was the colour of the syrup on our lips. Lolz..... What a beating I got from my mum as I was the eldest of the whole bunch of kids and most mischievous. Found a similar equipment as posted by mum mum

One of my fav food is still Mee Hoon Kueh - Hand Made Noodle. Simple enough to make but nothing beats mom's cooking. She could make the dough so soft and nice. Easy to just stretch the dough and tear them up to cook. Don't need to go further on this as almost everyone know about this dish.

When we visit my aunt's place in Pontian , Johor, she will whipped up her specialty dish called Ki Yah Keh in Hokkien. Its just rice flour with lye and steamed. This dish will be served with braised pork - the dark soy sauce type. Absolutely delish. Believe Johor and Singapore still have this dish.

Dats all for the meme that I've been tagged. And as usual lets pass this on to a few of the bloggers that I knew, some not even Food bloggers. lolz

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