Deep Fried Brinjal with Crispy Garlic and Dried Chilli

This is a specialty dish in Ming Ren Restaurant up here in Genting Highlands Hotel. The restaurant was set up by our Chairman Tan Sri KT Lim as he thought it was a good concept. He first tasted the dishes cooked up by the chefs from XinJiang. I will not blog about the special lamb they have there as I dont have the pic and recipe yet.

This time I will blog about the brinjal dish they cooked up. Its superb and simple.


Brinjals - depending on number of pax u r serving. Remove skin and cut into rings of about 1 cm thick.
Egg - for coating brinjals
Chickpea flour - to coat brinjal for frying.
Garlic - chopped and deep fried - Remove and season with sea salt.
dried chilli - cutinto 1 cm size.

Clean brinjal - remove skin, coat with chickpea flour, dump into egg and recoat with chickpea flour again. Remove access flour. Deep fried till golden brown.

In a wok or pan, lil oil to sauteed dried chilli, add in brinjals and deep fried garlic. Tossed.

In a plate, set the brinjal and topped with mixture of fried garlic and dried chilli. Served hot.

This dish is good especially with beer.

Brinjal cut into rings of about 1 cm thick. Looks like unripe banana aint it ? *chuckle*

The finished product.

Try them. Its superb and no one will know what it is u served. Most thought it was beancurd at first.

Enjoy !

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Courtney said...

This looks outstanding! Do you think this could be done with, say, cauliflower?