Chinese Crullers

This a common thing in Chinese Breakfast. Its called You Tiao in Mandarin, Yau Char Kwai or Yau Char Gwai in Cantonese . In Hokkien it is called Yiu Char Kueh. Usually, the Chinese dipped them in congee/ porridge, served with Bah Kut Teh or even dipped in Black Coffee. IN Northern China they do dipped them in hot fresh soya milk.

It is tasty but OILY !

I once read on the STAR cant remember when, it says that according to legend, this DEEP FRIED DEVILS or GHOST , was created during the SONG Dynasty . Something to do with one of the minister influencing the Emperor to sentence a patriotic general to death. In anger, the citizen, created a dough, pair them off signifying the minister and his wife and fry them up to symbolize frying the couple in hot oil. That's one of the Chinese torture.......... and it is said that in one of th 18 levels of Hade's Hell, you are fried in hot oil for some sins you did during your lifetime.

Is that for real ? *chuckle *

Anyway, we were trying out the recipe that my friend's uncle gave to him.

1 kg - All Purpose Flour or if you can find, high protein flour.
20 gm - Baking Powder
50 gm - Sugar
25 gm - Salt
15 gm - Soda Bicarbonate ( baking soda )
625 ml - Water
15 gm - Aluminium Sulphate ( alum )
60 gm - Margarine
15 gm - Ammonium Bicarbonate ( it stinks, so u can replace with baking powder or u can just omit them ) i omitted them.

Extra flour to flour the table top and dough.

Place salt, alum, baking soda, and ammonium bicarbonate in a mixing bowl. Add water and stir until thoroughly dissolved. Add flour. Mixed well till dough is soft and smooth. Let it rest for 1 hour.

Remove dough and cut into 2 portion. Knead till elastic - approximately 5 - 8 minutes. Shape dough into rectangular shape, cover and let rest for 4 hours. ( yeah i know, its tedious ).

Unwrap the rectagular dough. Using a pin roller stretch the dough till it is about 4 inches by 1/8 inch thick ( around 3 - 4 mm lets call it 1/2 a cm, chuckle )

Use a knife, to cut into long strips of about 1/2 inch wide. Use a wooden skewer dipped in water to draw a line across alternate dough. Place the undrawn dough on top of the drawn dough. Am i saying this correct ? lolz. Use the skewer to press down the top dough to create a line.

Heat oil for deep frying. Pick the double strip , hold both end and gently stretch it into 7 - 8 inches long. Slowly, dropped them into hot oil. Turn with wooden chopstick till both sides are golden brown and expended.

Remove and drain. Repeat till all strips are done. Now you have 15 YCK to eat as it is or dipped into congee, etc.

One of my favourite is dipped into Peanut Butter . Some prefer KAYA - Traditional Malay Coconut & Egg Jam.

You can even make sandwiches like you are using croissant. Try them. Its DELISH ! *chuckle* I am kinda embarass as I am using Ms Stefanie's word - DELISH in exchange for delicious as i think it a great word.

Absodelishlutely delicious !


lilyng said...


did you say you have only 15 yck from the whole recipe?

i tried and it was a failure. my friend said that i am not made to be a yck lady.

Pete said...

Interesting story. YKT is my all time favourite. Love it with Bak Kut Teh.