Food Presentation

Done my trial practical exam and was not happy with what i have done. Food was fine....texture, taste, colour but the presentation still lacking something. Take the soup for example

Its Soupe L'Oignon au Gratin - Gratinated French Onion Soup . Serve in a soup cup and it came out ugly like sh*t. The chicken was ok but still lacking in depth and colour. Dessert fair. Not gonna do much for it. Too boring.

This was how they look liked . Ugly isnt it ? chuckle


Main Course - Grille Poulet Supreme - Grilled Chicken Breast with Gazpacho Salsa and Bombay Potato came out err........ super duper yucky. I have changed them.

The new and final presentation for my main course. Now it looks more contemporary aint it ?

This is just a demo of raw material cept for the chicken which we have pan fried instead of grill. The chicken that i will cook will be with criss cross grilled line. The green dot is just mayonaise with chopped parsley. I will also slice about 4 pcs of chicken breast tip to play around with.

Guess i wont spend much time with the citrus butter cake cept to change the colour of Vietnamese Rice Net - too dark.

As for my soup, i will be making sour dough bread, That means i will spend at least 4 days for that bread. Gotta make a starter dough which will need at least 3 days to ferment. Next is the bread itself, which will take a full day. I will only baked them on the actual day of exam as allowed. Cut 1/5 from top ( reuse as cover) dig out the bread to leave a hollow inner bread. Pour soup into it. Use back the scooped up bread earlier, topped ith cheese and gratinated. place on top of soup, cover with bread cover and serve piping hot.

Hmm..... 4 days for bread and i can experiment more presentation. And if i do, more pic to come up.


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