Home Cooked Meal Day 2 - Dinner

From my MIL's place, we travel southwest to Klang, my parents place.....the only person i knew staying there is Galvin and i do believe someone else is staying there too as she had blogged about a certain place in Klang. I meant fellow bloggers that i knew..

Reach my mum's place at late afternoon and relax for awhile. Mango season and wow! my family's mango tree is full of fruits and i cant wait to dig into them.........No pic.. i forgotten about it. Dad told me, they wont be ready , gotta wait for at least a week.....*%&^$@ myself. What a wasted chance and then the good news...dad will bring them up to the mountain for me....Yaaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooo.

Help my mum with this few dish for our dinner, simple but lovely...

Stir fried Brocolli topped with fried shallot and sauteed garlic. Oops! Speak of garlic and it reminds me of my niece. She's five and been eating garlic since she was 3. Unbelieveable. She actually loves them. Dont ask me why, its just .....*chuckle* never seen a lil girl eating garlic before.

Par boiled pre cut brocolli in water with some salt and a lil oil. Heat up wok and sauteed the shallots and garlic. Dump in the par boiled brocolli and adjust seasoning. Its that simple. My lil niece ate about 1/4 of the whole plate of brocolli. Even my wife wouldnt believe it.

She just use her hand to take the brocolli and dip them into some soy sauce and eat them....its so KIAM ( salty in Hokkien ). She's 25kg btw, heavy eh ? kia si lang ( literary scared to death meaning incredible or shite, chuckle)

Since my sis is in Sg for work and my BIL is busy as well, they left the 2 girls in my mum's place with their housemaid. She whipped up the chicken curry which i found a lil mild for us. Well, she did cook the dish as per what she did in Jawa Barat.....some village heaven's know where.

My dad was craving for some extra meat which we forbid from his diet. he went for a bypoass just 2 years ago but since i'm back, the family relax the diet and let him have some fried pork. Just slice pork around 1cm x 3 cm and season with a lil 5 spices and soy sauce . Deep fried and just serve.

Mum will be free tomorrow and she planned to cook some tripe soup, sea cucumber, etc. Will blog about them later.

Ciaozzzzz !


rokh said...

fried pork looking delicious!

fooDcrazEE said...

it is delicious!

glutton rabbit said...

Food-man, the fried pork reminds me of a dish I saw in Thai fair... Anyway, it looks real good! Yum-yum!