Home Cooked Meal Day 1 - Dinner

After the light lunch of porridge, my wife asked for hokkien noodle So, i went out and bought the ingredients and try to cook as I have only cooked this noodles like 4 or 5 times only. Didnt really get the flavour and texture that we wanted but its edible....

Cant face with the failure for not able to cook this delish noodle.....I hav asked my chef in a chinese restaurant and he did give me a few tips.


Hokkien Mee - thickness around 1/2 a cm
Dark Soy Sauce
Light Soy Sauce
Meat - use whatever fancy you
Vege - preferably choy sum
Fish cake / seafood

1 Blanch the noodle till cooked. Rinse with running cold tap water
2 Drain and set aside
3 sauteed garlic, meat and other ingredient except the vege till fragrant
4 Add stock...bring to a boil.
5 Dump in the noodle. Add dark soy sauce to desired taste - i uses 3 tablespoon plus minus a teaspoon
6 Braised noodle for about 3 minutes under intense heat. Adjust ur stock if too dry. I cover my pan - i uses a 30cm pan with glass lid. This will ensure the noodle is absorbing all the flavour from your stock. Season with soy sauce and a lil white pepper..
7 Add in the vege

Served hot....

Dessert - Honey Jackfruit which we have bought from the market....

Sweet delicious honey jackfruit


glutton rabbit said...

Food-man, you're wife is really lucky to be married to a chef. He is like a walking menu... just ask and he'll cook it. How nice!

fooDcrazEE said...

rabbit - thanx for the compliment. Only if i know how to cook the dish or else nope, i cant or wont cook dishes that i dunno abt.

Gotta buy an oven soon with all of ur baking blogs.....*chuckle*

fooDcrazEE said...

oops! forgotten to tell you..i'm not a chef...i manage a restaurant for Genting.