Pork Tripe


Me wife cooked the soup for me using CHARCOAL and then tar pau back to the mountain in this pyrex that have been with my mum for like 20 over years.

Alli have to do is just reheat back . Marvellous soup. Simple Ingredient.

1/2 kg pork ribs ( trim fats )
1 pork tripe
fresh green peppercorn

Blanch ribs in water for 2 minutes. Drained. Place all ingredient in a pot and boiled for 2 hrs. Do not cut up the tripe first, just boiled the whole tripe and cut later, just before serving.

Delish aint it? Look at the amount of tripe in it. Dip in chilli padi with soy sauce.......salivate .

The amount of pepper that me wife place in, fiery and hot and what else.....PERSPIRE lar.

The fresh pepper are boiled till they cracked. Delish

All ingredient are approximately. Its really up to you how much you wanna use .

Enjoy !

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5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

My fav! I cooked one every day during my confinement and I think I consumed 20 pig stomachs in a month! Now I still cook it but not very often. What I did is stuff one whole kampung chicken (minus skin) into the tripe and slow cook it. Or use pork fillet. I add some canned straw mushroom for extra bites.