Eat to Live ?

Ha! Ha! Ha! been bz with work due to the long weekend of DeepaRaya and as usual this time i have to eat to live or else i wont be able to work properly.

Pathetic lil dish but i love it. Just add some pork ham or bacon into our normal fried rice. Prefer the less fat bacon which is more like ham than bacon actually. Look at the pic lor. No need to elaborate on the recipe of fried rice as I'm sure we have lots and lots of version out there. Simple fried rice will suffice.

look at the pic and u will find all the ingredient there. Mixed vege ( frozen ), egg, garlic and bacon.

Since we have not cooked enough for all to eat, so i ate a lil white rice topped with curry and some black bean sauce. I only eat a lil rice as i dont take that much anyway.

Then went and get some poached chicken ( Pak Cham Kai ) frm the counter and just top with minced ginger and some soy sauce. Being a HOKKIEN, hehehehe, i drizzle some DARK SOY SAUCE unto the chicken. Yeah ! some will say yucks. Sorry, i dont take me chicken with chilli, so no pic for it.

Will be having my kitchen practical examthis monday 7/11, so guess i wont be blogging till er.....depends. If i'm free, i will blog abt the exam with pic of what i have done.



Greenapple said...

hey, good luck in your exam! you'll for sure pass it with flying colours.
will wait for your great news!

(btwn, when cooking is so stressful, very 'san fu' hoh? I hope you'll have fun during the exam anyhow)

skyjuice7 said...

I haven't had fried rice for over 2 months and sort of craved for it, so made sambal belacan chicken, beef and prawns fried rice yesterday. I thought of making nasi tomato or nasi jagung with ayam masak merah. Maybe for dinner tonight or tomorrow.

fooDcrazEE said...

greenapple..thanx. Not worry abt the practical only the theory. Too old to memorise. *chuckle*

Skyjuice7, do blog abt it and i will read there lor. thanx for dropping by

Tazz said...

Wow! Ka Ki Lang! Tabi wa Sin Ga Po Lang, Li Ma Lai Se Ar Lang leh! *lol*

Good Luck for exam!

fooDcrazEE said...

thanx tazz. sg or m'sia we r sharing similar culture and food. Lolz. Imagine Bah Kut Teh is advertised as Sg Food when M'sian started them first. In short, who long as it is good food.....we will continue to chow!

*chuckle* done start a XX thingy here, please.( for those who knows )