2005 Food Blog Award

Come on guys.

Read some blogs and if you thinnk they are good, click
here to cast your vote or NOMINATE.

I was reading The Amateur Gourmet when i chance across this link.

Its amazing with the amount of links you find there that are so interesting for a food blogger, that means us. No doubt we are not in their category .......................... but as long as we are happy with what we blog...who cares......chuckle

So, what are you waiting for....start nominating your favourite food blog....for malaysia food bloggers - 3 names came into my mind -

1 Chanlilian
2 babeinthecity
3 Boo_licious

So, what if we starts to nominate them and vote for them ler ?

For overall food bloggers - i have cast my vote for Helen from Grabyourfork

Cheers !


Gina said...

Wah.. then must nominate you also leh.. he he. We share the same template ah?

rokh said...

mmm, i had nominated a few msia bloggers too.

fooDcrazEE said...

gina, yeah same template with ya. No, u cant nominate me...me blog is not good enough.

rachel....good for ya. still gotta vote and nominate for m'sian bloggers and some real good food bloggers

Tazz said...

I will vote for Kuidaore for Singapore side. :)

KY said...

what about me? :P

fooDcrazEE said...

Ky, if they have the pimp categories you will definitely get our nomination..lolz...not enough food in your blog...chuckle