Midvalley Dragon i

Been to the one in 1 Utama and the ambience was good. During my last day off, me MIL wanted to visit our National Zoo. Brought her there and we spent 3 hours there looking at our cousins and brethen.

From there we proceed to Midvalley as me wife wante to shop around for gifts. Told MIL abt the Siew Long Pao and since she wanted to try, i remembered julie of ^juliethebiscuit^ had posted tem before but i cant locate where the place is. Check it out with the info counter and diu! it was in Cititel Building.

Located the place and wasnt impressed with the layout after 1 Utama. Do read more of what Ky of Ky Speaks had experienced as well as Boo_Licous of masak-masak

Did not order much food as we cant eat that much. So the usual 5 spice beef - lousy presentation as compared to the one in 1 Utama.

Looks like they just dump the salasa like congiments on the beef as though the restaurant was very busy ( inclusing us only 3 tables )

Had 2 order of Xiao Long Bao - that again is the only thing nice to eat.

This is our whole meal - Noodle was mine. The prok ribs sux BIG. Never tasted such a bad pork ribs before. It was dry, hard and looks like they uses a lot of flour to fried. Lousy ! Oh! I order the KOW CHEE too with chive. Not bad.

The server was not even friendly. No smiling, the usual dont care attitude. WTF


Service - sux

Food - Average - pork ribs sux

Ambience - average

Note : This is not to condemn the restaurant said but just personal comment for a food blog.



boo_licious said...

Merry Christmas to you and your wifey. Too bad abt the food in Dragon-i, maybe you want to give Crystal Jade a try the next time?

Tazz said...

Merry Christmas to Mike & family!

fooDcrazEE said...

Boo_, will give it a try later.

May all of you and your family plus your love one have Joyous Xmas and be in pink of health always!

glutton rabbit said...

Wahhh, scared-loh. Very hard to please a chef's palate. Almost everything sucks... Haha...

fooDcrazEE said...

rabbit - its not just my palate but dont you think it should be the same standard for all ur branches ??