Practical lunch

Boring Title - lolz

Other group of classmate came out with this menu but i dont have all the pic. Lupa to snap the soup and dessert. Thought i did or did i misplaced them. Never mind.

Aubergine Yoghurt Roll with Minted Chilli

Beef Tenderloin rolled with rice cooked with herbs. Sauce - reduction of jus au naturel seasoned with sea salt and white pepper and a hint of tabasco.

Top - Whole Tenderloin rolled with the herb rice and just came out from oven. Middle - close up shot of the beef - nice medium eh ?
Bottom - the presentation.

My colleague in crime - both of us are working adults who did our study there was really pissed with his group as they managed to screw up the whole preparation. They change the cutting, presentation and ingredient to their liking and it was a disaster. The chef in charge of training us was practically screaming his head off. He's my ex colleague as i used to lecture in that college too.

Ooh ! I did managed to locate the pic for the soup - Tuscan Style Country Minestrone

However, no pic for the lovely banana cake loaf they baked. That and the soup is the only thing not screwed up.. Phew !


boo_licious said...

Yum! Yum! I love that beef tenderloin. Nowadays we can get that ready made from the supermarkets too.

eatzycath said...

how interesting, rice in rolled beef. It's tough to work in a group when the members don't share the same direction, very very frustrating!

fooDcrazEE said...

Its easier to get from the supermarket but tastier if u make urself !

it is very frustrating cath...glad the group thingy is finish. now its individual menu and presentation. Happy !

Merry Xmas !