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You are forewarn not to read this post as it will be a damn boring post with no picture. Stand by your pillow and a lot of coffee as you need the caffeine to stay awake.

Dont say I didnt warn ya !!!!!!!!!!!

I have been tagged by GluttonRabbit for this version of meme.

It is kinda difficult for me to say which is my favourite food - worst still I have to list them down like a count down of 10 lost favourite food . I was thinking, if I do that, i can't be earning my nick, can I ? chuckle

So, what i'll do is just list down most of my favourite food by cuisine type.

No countdown just a list of my favourite food goes

Chinese Cuisine

There are a lot of food in this category and i really dont know what to blog about it. So, we go with a few basic Malaysian Chinese Cuisine..

There is definitely Hainanese Poach Chicken Rice. I don't go for the roast chicken unless I have to. Just like plain old poached chicken, no chilli just the soy sauce will suffice. This way you will know whether the chef is good or not !

Hainanese chicken rice is a dish common in Malaysia, where it was invented by immigrants from Hainan in China. It consists of rice cooked in chicken stock (sometimes called "oily rice,") served with steamed or roast chicken. The remaining chicken stock not used to cook the rice is often used to make soup. The rice and chicken are usually served with sliced cucumber, pounded ginger, and a tangy chilly sauce mixed with garlic. Sugar is often use to balance the taste.

You will find 2 other version of chicken rice in Malaysia. One from Ipoh, served with beansprout and the other is the Chicken Rice Ball from Malacca.

Another of my favourite dish from Malaysian Chinese Cuisine is Hokkien Mee. Go check out My Previous Post on Hokkien Mee.

I also like to whack Post Natal Food like Vinegar Pork Knuckle. This needs no introduction as most Malaysian Chinese would have somehow tasted this dish.

What about Penang Char Kuay Teow, Johor Kuay Teow Kia , Muar Otak Otak, Malacca Baba Nyonya Cuisine like Tau Yu Bak, Perak - Ipoh Kuay Teow and A variety version of Chee Yoke Fun - literary means Pork Noodle. Hey! I'm a Kuay Teow Person.

Next we go over to Vietnam. I was working there from 1994 - 1998 in Ho Chi Minh City, SR Vietnam in 2 Hotels. During my stint there, I discovered lots of delish and cheap FOOD. It may costs us hundreds of thousand Vietnam Dong but it is worth every cents.

My favourite have to be Pho Tai. Pronounce as FurEr Tai. This clear consomme like broth rice noodle goes well with rare beef that is cook by the piping hot soup. Served with variety of raw vegetable like herbs - Sweet Basil, Sawtooth Salad, Beansprout, lime wegde,etc. Of course in Vietnam you will find that all of us will add a spoonful each of sweet hoisin sauce and Sriracha like Chilli sauce before adding all the healthy raw salad. Click here for NoodlePie's blog on pho.

Other than that , I also love their Goi Ngo Sen - Lotus Stem Salad. Check out Visualgui for more info. This is an excellent dish that is both refreshing and delish !

Heard of Ca Kho To? I have Noodlepie to thank for the wonderful sight of Vietnam cuisine.

Really a lot to talk about Vietnam cuisine. From the north to the central and then southern Vietnam, there's a lot of Makan.......Bun Bo Hue,Ca Phe Sua Da ( Iced Coffee with Condensed Milk), Banh Xeo, Banh Mi, Canh Chua, Thit Bo Nuong, Canh Chua,etc.....all in Vietnamese words without the intonation...pc dont support the font. For those who havent try the cuisine, do go ahead and try. The dish that I miss most ? Its com tam - basically steamed broken rice served with puckle and a char grilled pork chop and accompanied with nuoc cham - troi oi ! ngong qua !

Literary means - Oh my god ! Its delicious !

So far, its kinda boring as I dont have the pic and do not want to be sued for copyrighted picture of others. So, bear with me, ok ?

Oishin ! Who doesn't know that Japanese Cuisine is the healthiest of all cuisine ? Simple meal of Sashimi with a dash of Kikkoman and Wasabi will suffice. More info on Wasabi here.

Bonito, blah blah blah blah blah.

Anyone for Thai food ? Need no intro too. Indeed my favourite is Phad Thai. Zu from Quick 'n' Easy Treat From Zu's Kitchen had posted this before. Hehehehe, i can save time not blogging about this dish.

I'm more of a noodle man and Thai Beef Ball Noodle sure is a must to try. Again Kuay Teow...nanti kena "teow" then i know. chuckle

I got hooked with the first salad i tried during my stint in Regent KL back in 1990. Thai Beef Salad. The way Regent present the salad at that time was marvellous. Thin sliced of medium rare beef with the Thai Dressing is to kill for.

Dont really fancy Indian food except the CURRY. Dont really eat them as they are to rich for my artery. How i miss them.

For other Asian Cuisine, I love Korean too. Maybe it ranked 3rd on my list after the Chinese and Japanese Cuisine as most people do, I think. Again, no need to go into details, ok ?

For the Western, Europe probably rank higher than American. Spanish - chorizo, paella, varieties of tapas and churros - yummy with chocolate sauce.

French is kinda normal so again no need that much of explanation. English - no FISH n CHIPS please. Shepherd's Pie. is what i like. With all the innards, yummy but again too rich for my artery. Life is short, so, shall I eat them ? Sure, why not......when i get the chance.....lolz

German - mentioned that and all we can think of is sausages, sauerkraut and beer. Is that all ? What about the pork knuckle ? Leberwurst ? Blutwurst? Rote Grutze ? Pretzel ? There is also Marzipan,Stollen and their grained mustard to mention a few..

Other than that, i dont fancy other European food.....anyway, i dont really know the cuisine of other Europe country especiallt the Eastern Bloc.

American........err....nothing great to talk about aint it...burgers, hot dog, fries, popcorn i dont fancy but speak of New Orleans....Cajun and i salivate....Its the way the cook with spices,etc. Dont think their cuisine is all about spiciness unlike Sze Chuan Cuisine, Cajun Cuisine uses their spices as seasoning instead of flavouring.

Anyone tasted genuine Aussie Cuisine ? I have not but tasted Wagyu Beef which is the equivalent of Kobe Beef. The marble fat melting in your mouth is simply delish and you will also feel the $$ melting from your wallet or purse. The texture of meat is simply heaven and i cant explain them to ya here. We sliced them thinly for our STEAM BOAT / POT LUCK and that was in Saigon , oops Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Its a Japanese Restaurant cum Hong Kong Restaurant and since we know the BOSS, we specially asked him to order the beef and other ingredient that we deemed fit to eat !

Think thats enough for my meme....and as usual looking for people to tag......

Who shall i tag ? Boo_ ? Julie ? Sue ? or did i hear sighing again ? In that case, i'll let it be......Please feel free to go ahead with the meme if you want. NO TAG OK...........................heard Ky sighing.....chuckle


glutton rabbit said...

Great job! You've listed down so many many delicious foods as your top 10 favourtie. Really impressive...haha. From the sound of your meme, you really live up to your nick name and title the pro chef : ). BTW, your post is not boring. I think your style of writing is really funny. Glad I've tagged you haha! Thanks for playing along!

fooDcrazEE said...

no problem and u r most welcome Rabbit.....

Tazz said...

Er... er... No wonder er... you look er... "Not so thin" in your photo(less offending way of saying). *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Wow, I must say you really know your food! Live up to your name, eh? You have also listed out most of the cuisine that's also my favorites :) I've only started to appreciate Vietnamese food after I moved here cos there are tonnes of their restaurants here!