Home Cooked Meal - Klang

Went back to my parent's place for my pre CNY day off. As usual, mum will cook some great home cooked meal for me and me wife to makan.

However, I got a suprise! My dad cooks one of the dishes.

This is what we had. My wife's favourite soup - Lotus Root. Charcoal boil to extract as much flavour as possible from the chicken carcass, pork bone and lotus roots. Oops! Not to forget, lots of peanuts and some red dates.

The soup boiling like there's no tomorrow

The sliced up lotus root. Look at the colour. Delish ?? It is..

Braised Stew Pork and Egg - Tau Yu Bak in Hokkien. Lou Chi Yuk in Cantonese. My dad cooked this for us. He loves this dish but I have to warn him not to eat too much especially after his bypass even though its been 2 years plus.

The home made meat ball i posted earlier on.

The whole meal. I forgotten about the fish. Crispy fried some kind of fish. Lolz. The small bowl contains peri peri like chilli sauce that my brother bought back from his trip to Sabah. This is one hot MF.........Use them to dip the lotus root as we didnt buy any chilli padi.

Cheers !

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