hornet's nest

I am a lucky guy. My wife made this for me during her no pay leave. This is supposed to be a treat for me during the CNY.

MOst of us had tasted the SWEET hornet's nest err..... cookies, kuih is the word I can think off now. Some called them kuih loyang or sarang tebuan thus hornet's nest. It is also known as Honeycomb Cookies though I dont agree with the term cookies. Asked my Indian colleagues and it was called Achi or Achu Murruku depending on which Indian guy u speaks to. Chuckle. I do believe it originated from India as achu means cast. They do have different version though. Using dough and squeeze thru the mould. Whatever!

Most of us would have tasted the sweet variety and this is the first time I came about this version. Apparently, it is famous in Bentong.

Top - Sweet variety
Bottom - The salty variety

A well seasoned mould. To do that, soaked the mould into hot oil. Coat with batter for at least 10 times. Dont soaked the mould all the way or you wont get the shape. Half way thru is best. I love this pic the most taken without flash, just natural light . Self praise is ...............chuckle !

Example of how ! The well coated mould would actually cooked the batter and it will leave a thin layer on it. When you fried, it will expand and it takes a few shakes to remove it from the mould and leave them to fried in the hot oil till golden brown. This batter was tested for its flavour and consistency.

The ingredient

300 gm flour - rice flour ( normal rice flour not the high glutton thingy. With that gluten, you will get hornet's nest kuih that will cracked your teeth - chuckle)

3 eggs - beat but not aerated.

A bunch of curry leaves - chopped finely

50 gm of dried shrimp - approximate , chopped finely or pound. I find punding easier and its like floss. Much better to use. You can add some curry powder that you have to dry sauteed before adding into your batter.

Water - roughly about 200 ml

Sift the flour - 3 times, add in beaten egg, little by little while kneading with your well clean hand, of course. Continue till you have used up all the egg. Add in water again lil by lil till you get a smooth batter. Use the mould to test the batter. Fry one and check if the flavour is up to your expectation. Adjust if not. Add a lil salt if you desire. Once seasoned, add in the chopped curry leaves and pounded dried shrimp. This is when you should add the curry powder too.

This is how the batter looks like. You might need to thin them after sometime as it will thicken.

The cleaned curry leaves awaiting their fate on chopping board. Good old Wooden Chopping Board.

Cant remember how much this will make. Plenty I can assure you till I got a voice like Rod Stewart.

Cheers !


Julie said...

hohoho... gung hei fat choi!!! b prosperous k!!!

slurp! said...

gong hei fat choy!!! yes, I like to sing "Sailing", "I don't want to talk about it" hahaha ...

sorry, rice flour got high glutton one meh?

Wuching said...

kong hei fatt choy!

fooDcrazEE said...

hahaha! Julie, i'm prosperous enough*wink*

Slurp - just dont buy the expensive type.

wuching.....kong hei fatt choy to you too

darlamay said...

OH thanks for the Hornet's nest info! I buy a similar poppy seed version at a local thai restaurant. Now I know what they are called and how to make them! I couldn't find the smoothie recipe you mentioned in a comment at Messy Cucina. Can you help me find it?