Home Cooked Meal

Went back and I hardly got time to cook. Busy running errand before CNY. All the banking thingy, etc.

My first home cooked meal in my wife's place-

Steamed White Promfret with Superior Soy Sauce
Deep Fried Meat Ball
Stir Fried Abalone Mushroom with Prawn and Ginger

No need to mention the promfret. The fish is less than a kg and clean it up and give it 2 cuts. First cut in the middle of the body and then flatten the knife against the bone and slice into the flesh both down and up. Turn the fish and give it another cut near the dossal fin. Cut along the line and again, flatten the knife and cut into flesh. This will cook the fish easier and faster. It only takes us 3 - 4 minutes to steam this delish fresh fish. Of course, top with slice ginger. Once cooked, remove excess liquid and doused with mixture of superior soy sauce and sesame oil. Garnish with coriander. simple, eh ?

The deep fried meat ball was made by my mum. Minced meat, chopped water chestnut and yam. Mixed them up with rice wine and a little flour. Season. Using lard web, the fat that surrounds the small intestine as base. Stretch them up and place the meat mixture on one corner. Roll them and tighten them sligthly. Once finish, cut them into bite size and roll them in some corn flour. Deep fried and served as they are or with homemade chilli sauce / dip.

The abalone mushroom , in a hot wok, drizzle some sesame oil, sauteed the ginger till fragrant. Dump in some garlic and immediately add in the prawn. Stir for less than a minute. Add in the mushroom. Stir well and add 2 - 3 dashes of rice wine. Mixed well and served hot.

The rice wine as advised my MIL is to prevent the so called "wind" (cant explain them in English - I dont know the word) from making your knee goes weak. Not good for man lar......chuckle !

P/S - when it comes to cooking, always believe the advise of the elder. They learn from experience.

The prepared fish awaiting itsa turn in the wok.

The meatball - ready for frying

Cleaned Abalone Mushroom

Devein prawn and slice ginger

Get a pair of chopstick and dig in......

Cheers !


eatzycath said...

hi foodcrazee... did u remember to leave some fish leftovers.. so that u would enjoy "nian nian you yu" (every year, got fish, u know)..heeheee!

fooDcrazEE said...

Cath, not this time. This is before the Reunion dinner. Chuckle!